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The 2011 Polish National Championships & Pride of Poland Sale

By Beth Ellen Hunziker


When I first saw the 2011 Pride of Poland Preview in OASIS Vol. 7, I read the story and then linked to the online Sale Catalog. As I studied the beautiful images of the Arabian horses offered in this year's sale, I wondered how it is possible to create such an amazing collection year after year. Yet some how the organizers manage to gather a collection of incredibly high quality individuals capable of enticing breeders from around the world to travel to Janow Podlaski just for the chance to purchase one of the gems being offered. I made a silent wish that one day I would return to Poland to see the exquisite horses and experience this country I love so much. Someone was listening... within a few days I received a call and asked if I could make a trip to Poland in August to assist with a research and material gathering assignment for a small private museum, The Polish Cultural Institute in Winona, Minnesota. I agreed, if we could also attend the Polish National Championships and Pride of Poland Sale, because as we all know the Arabian horse is an extremely important part of Polish history and culture. Several weeks later, I was sitting in the lobby of the Polonia Palace Hotel with an international group of friends waiting for the charter to take us to Janow Podlaski and the 33rd Polish National Arabian Horse Show. I could not believe my good fortune!

For many people, traveling to Poland is an annual pilgrimage. It is a special journey, undertaken as a quest to see some of the best Arabian horses and to pay homage to their breeders. Approaching the lush tree lined drive leading to Janow Podlaski evokes the same feeling as returning home; it is profoundly humbling and exhilarating. Upon our arrival, we made our way to the guest seating area where we were greeted old friends and new from around the world. The President of Poland, Mr. Bronislaw Komorowski, opened the events with a speech to welcome everyone and thank them for their support of the Pride of Poland Sale and the Polish National Show. After the President's speech, judges Sylvie Eberhardt of Germany, Renata Schibler of Switzerland, Ali Shaarawi of Egypt, and Alan Preston of Australia arrived in grand style in an elegant coach. Moments later, they welcomed the first competitors of the show into the ring.

Class IV-A for Yearling Colts included sons of the sires Psytadel, WH Justice, Ganges, Porto, Marajj, QR Marc and the Ekstern son, Esparto and represented the efforts of the state studs of Bialka, Michalow, and Janow Podlaski. Five private breeders also participated, which indicates not only growth in numbers, but in quality. The class was won by the very typey bay colt, Equator (QR Marc x Ekliptyka by Ekstern), bred and owned by Michalow Stud, with a score of 92 points. Simon Bej (Psytadel x Sarahbi Bay JC by Kubinec), bred by Wojciech Parczewski and owned by Nazaret Arabians, was second in the class with a score of 90.83.


Class IV-B for Yearling Colts included sons of even more stallions including Gazal Al Shaqab, Piaff, Gaspar, Om El Shahmaan, Polon, Poganin, Eden C, Esparto, and Enzo. The class was won by the lovely bay colt, Peron (Esparto x Perolia by Gazal Al Shaqab), bred and owned by Bialka Stud, with a score of 92.50. Pomian (Gazal Al Shaqab x Pilar by Fawor), owned and bred by Janow Podlaski Stud, was second in the class with a score of 90.83. Pomian is a full sibling to the lovely mare Pinga, who has earned a multitude of admirers throughout her world travels.

Next into the show ring was Class V for Two-Year-Old Colts - what a difference a year makes. While the yearlings were all handsome young boys, these colts were showing the attitude and swagger of young men. The sires of these colts included QR Marc, Eden C, Ekstern, Ganges, Versante F, Marajj, El Nabila B and FS Bengali. The exotic bay colt Pogram (QR Marc x Petla by Visbaed), owned and bred by Janow Podlaski won the class with a score of 92.67. Maran (FS Bengali x Missouri by Wachlarz), bred and owned by FHP Giewont Ltd was second in the class with a score of 91 points.

Class VI for Three-Year-Old colts was the last of the day. Still more sires had representative offspring in the class including the stallions Ararat, FS Bengali, Pegasus, and Psytadel. The handsome chestnut colt Eternal (FS Bengali x Ewitacja by Ganges), bred by Jan Glowacki and owned by Mala Wies Stud, won the class with a score of 91.33 points. El Dino (Ararat x Eutina by Eutin), bred and owned by Krzysztof Jagielski, was second with a score of 89.17 points.

The colts were a fantastic start to the show and left everyone wanting more! We all enjoyed a spectacular dinner buffet, which was followed by an exciting preview of the Pride of Poland Sale. The horses were beautiful. Seeing their bold movement, flying manes and flagged tails, their enormous black eyes, and sweet faces was exhilarating! They were even more lovely than their images in the catalog. Bidders were making notes about their favorites. I could feel the anticipation building and I could hear comments and speculation about the price certain horses might bring.

Saturday, August 6th, began with Class I-A for Yearling Fillies. What a dream of a class! Exquisite daughters of Ekstern, Ganges, Eryks, Psytadel, QR Marc, Altis, Eternity Ibn Navarrone, Om El Shahmaan, and Forteynas Magic danced and pranced into the ring - all ready to show their quality and style. First Place in the class was Echo Aurora (Eternity Ibn Navarrone x Echo Afrodyta by Piaff), bred by Krzysztof Poszepczynski and owned by Chrcynno-Palace Stud, with a score of 92.33. Second in the class was Cheronea (QR Marc x Chimera by Emigrant), bred and owned by Michalow Stud, with a score of 91.83.


Class I-B for Yearling Fillies was just as exciting as the first section with daughters of Enzo, Ekstern, Esparto, Marwan Al Shaqab, Eryks, Ganges, QR Marc, and Al Lahab all competing for top honors. Winning the class was Wieza Mocy (QR Marc x Wieza Marzen by Ekstern), bred and owned by Michalow Stud, with a score of 93.33. Wieza Mocy scored high in type, but she also scored three 20's for her extraordinary movement, which really gave her a competitive edge. Dama Pik (Enzo x Dama Kier by Gazal Al Shaqab), also bred and owned by Michalow Stud, took second place honors with a close score of 93.17.

The yearling fillies were followed by Class II for Two-Year-Old Fillies. Sires represented in this class included QR Marc, Eden C, Ekstern, Pegasus, and Perseusz. It was a close class with a tie for first place between two daughters of QR Marc; they both scored 92.67. However, Waranga (QR Marc x Wilga by Ekstern), owned and bred by Michalow Stud, won the tie with higher scores for movement. Palatina (QR Marc x Palmeta by Ecaho), owned and bred by Janow Podlaski Stud, was second to her paternal sister.

Class III for Three-Year Old Fillies was next into the show ring. These lovely fillies were daughters of WH Justice, Khidar, Ekstern, and Al Lahab. Winning the class and taking top honors was Pustynna Malwa (Ekstern x Pustynna Roza by Emigrant), bred and owned by Michalow Stud, with a score of 92.67. Pustynna Malwa was a beautiful filly with great movement; she scored three 19.5's for her powerful trot. El Piatzolla (WH Justice x Enya by Ekstern), bred and owned by ZPH Strusinianka, was a very close second in this class with a score of 92.50.

Class VII followed with Mares 4-6 Years Old. This was an extraordinary class with the top five winners all coming from Janow Podlaski Stud! Another interesting fact is that six of the competitors were sired by Ekstern, with daughters of Al Maraam Gaspar, Gazal Al Shaqab, and WH Justice also representing their sires. It was another close class and a contest of beauty between maternal sisters. Taking top honors and winning first place with a score of 92.83 was the remarkable young mare Alabama (Gazal Al Shaqab x Altona by Eukaliptus), bred and owned by Janow Podlaski. This young mare was stunning and powerful - she received three scores of 20 for her movement! This gave Alabama the competitive edge over her younger sister. Altamira (Ekstern x Altona by Eukaliptus), also bred and owned by Janow Podlaski Stud, placed second in the class with a score of 92.67. It seems these two lovely mares inherited the beauty of their dam Altona; hopefully they will prove to be exceptional producers as well.


The mare classes continued with Class VIII - Mares 7-10 Years-Old. All of the horses competing were from the state studs; no private breeders were competing in this class. The sire Gazal Al Shaqab dominated the class with six daughters entered and five of them took the top honors in the class. Pesal, Ecaho, and Ekstern also had daughters representing them. The winner of the class was the lovely Ejrene, out of Emocja by Monogramm, bred and owned by Michalow Stud. Second in the class was Wkra, out of Wyborna also by Monogramm, and also bred and owned by the Michalow Stud with a score of 92.83.

Class IX - Mares 11 Years-Old and Up, was the final class of mares and in many people's view the best were saved for last. The mares were shown with the grace and dignity they so richly deserve. Beautiful daughters of Monogramm, Emigrant, Ecaho, and Etnogram competed. First place winner with a score of 94 was Emmona (Monogramm x Emilda by Pamir), bred and owned by Michalow Stud. Emmona embodied the classic Polish mare...silver white coat like satin, enormous black eyes, feminine style, and bold movement - she was a breath-taking vision! Taking second place with a score of 92.33 was the beautiful Eutona (Etnogram x Euterpe by Probat), bred and owned by Janow Podlaski Stud.

It was startling contrast from the beautiful and graceful senior mares to Class X - Stallions 4-6 Years-Old! The young stallions all entered the ring with great machismo - they were powerful, handsome, and had tremendously bold energy! Taking top honors and winning first place in the class was the five-year-old stallion Kabsztad (Poganin x Kwestura by Monogramm), bred and owned by Michalow Stud, with a score of 92.50. Second in the class was the four-year-old stallion Albano (Enzo x Alena by Emigrant), bred and owned by Janow Podlaski Stud, with a score of 91.67.

Class XI - Stallions 7 Years-Old and Up was the final class of the day. It was exciting to see some of the current sires from the studs competing. Winning the class was the fantastic eight-year-old stallion Equifor (Gazal Al Shaqab x Eqviria by Pers), bred and owned by Janow Podlaski Stud with a score of 93.33. Taking second place honors was another eight-year-old stallion, Etnodrons Psyche (Padrons Psyche x Etnografia by Aloes), bred by Stanislaw Redestowicz and owned by Pawel Redestowicz. He achieved a score of 91.50 from the judges.

Sunday, August 7th dawned bright and clear - perfect for the final day of the show, the championships, and of course, the Pride of Poland Sale. The fillies were first in the ring and all three Polish National Champion Junior Females came from the yearling filly winners. The Gold Champion Junior Female was the exotic bay Wieza Mocy (QR Marc x Wieza Marzen by Ekstern), from Michalow Stud. The Silver Champion Junior Female was Echo Aurora (Eternity Ibn Navarrone x Echo Afrodyta by Piaff), bred by Krzysztof Poszepczynski and owned by Chrcynno-Palace Stud. The Bronze Champion Junior Female was Dama Pik (Enzo x Dama Kier by Gazal Al Shaqab), also of Michalow Stud.


Next to be crowned were the Polish National Champion Junior Males. The exotic two-year-old colt Pogram (QR Marc x Petla by Visbaed), from Janow Podlaski Stud was named Gold Champion Junior Male. The yearling colt Peron (Esparto x Perolia by Gazal Al Shaqab), from Bialka Stud was named Silver Champion Junior Male. The yearling colt Equator (QR Marc x Ekliptyka by Ekstern), of Michalow Stud was named Bronze Champion Junior Male.

The Polish National Champion Senior Mares was a group to behold. They truly represent all that is good about the Arabian, charm, grace and aristocratic carriage. The Gold Champion Senior Mare was the ethereal Emmona (Monogramm x Emilda by Pamir), of the Michalow Stud. Emmona's natural beauty and charisma made her the favorite with judges as well as the spectators. The Silver Champion Senior Mare was Ejrene, (Gazal Al Shaqab x Emocja by Monogramm), also from the Michalow Stud, and the Bronze Champion Senior Mare was the dramatic Alabama (Gazal Al Shaqab x Altona by Eukaliptus), from Janow Podlaski Stud.

In the Senior Stallion Championships, the horses all represented classic Arabian type, boldness, and energy at its masculine best. The Gold Champion Senior Stallion was the five-year-old Kabsztad (Poganin x Kwestura by Monogramm), of Michalow Stud; the Silver Champion Senior Stallion was the eight-year-old Equifor (Gazal Al Shaqab x Eqviria by Pers), of Janow Podlaski Stud; and the Bronze Champion Senior Stallion was the four-year-old Albano (Enzo x Alena by Emigrant), also of Janow Podlaski Stud.

Several additional awards were presented at the show. The award for Best Head was given to the yearling filly Egema (Esparto x Egira by Emigrant), bred and owned by Bialka Stud. The Annual WAHO Challenge Trophy went to Piaff (Eldon x Pipi by Banat), bred and owned by Janow Podlaski. Pawel Kozikowski of Janów Podlaski was named Best Handler and he seemed to thoroughly enjoy the traditional air toss by his fellow trainers. The award for Best Breeder of the show went to Michalow Stud. The last award was Best in Show, which was won by the Gold Champion Senior Mare, Emmona. She truly was the star of the show and deserved the title as well as the standing ovation she received.


The grand finale was also a highlight of the year. Madame Izabella Zawadzka was honored with a special Lifetime Achievement Award for the decades of service and valuable contributions this extraordinary woman has made not only to the state studs of Poland, but to the entire world of Arabian horses. The gentleman who presented the award to Madame Zawadzka was overcome with tears of gratitude. Each of the directors of the studs, Director Marek Trela of Janow Podlaski, Director Jerzy Bialobok of Michalow Stud, and Director Marian Pacewski of Bialka paid Madame Zawadzka their deepest respect. Madame Zawadzka then made a heartfelt reply, which concluded the show with the grace and dignity that is the hallmark of the Polish tradition.

As ceremonies drew to a close, visitors gathered and lingered to discuss the show. Here and there people were commenting on their favorite horses, which stallion's offspring stood out the most, and which mares would they like to add to their breeding programs if they could. None of the champions of the 2011 Polish National Arabian Horse Show were being offered in the upcoming Pride of Poland Sale, which would soon follow. However, many other Polish National Champions and international champions were being offered in the sale. It was like the end of a marvelous feast - yet there was still room for dessert!



The 2011 Pride of Poland Sale

As beautiful as the images are in the 2011 Pride of Poland sale catalog, the horses were even more fantastic in the flesh. Each one was a lovely gem; selected for their brilliance and accomplishments. The potential of these horses to contribute to their new owner's breeding and show programs were sure to bring top prices for the stud farms and private breeders who consigned them to the sale.

Many people from the surrounding area attended the sale to offer their support. They cheered on the bidders with thunderous applause! As the prices climber higher, so did their enthusiasm, which created a contagious energy. It was so tremendously fun for the audience, and it made the bidders feel truly appreciated. As the gavel fell for the final time, consignors and buyers declared the sale was a huge success! Watching the new owners with their beaming smiles, I thought to my self how wonderful it was that these beautiful horses - truly the Pride of Poland - would now become the source of pride for breeders in countries all around world. Here are the results of the 2011 Pride of Poland Sale. Please note that the prices are given in Euro...


Piacenza (QR Marc x Primawera by Emigrant), br./o. Michałow Stud - 475 000, sold to the USA

Palabra (Enzo x Palmeta by Ecaho), br./o. Janow Podlaski Stud - 400 000, sold to Saudi Arabia

Fabryszka (Gazal Al Shaqab x Fula by Partner), br./o. Białka Stud - 150 000, sold to Saudi Arabia

Panika (Eukaliptus x Plisa by Probat), br./o. Michałow Stud - 125 000, sold to Saudi Arabia

Andaluzja (Sanadik El Shaklan x Antwerpia by Eternit), br./o. Janow Podlaski Stud - 100 000, sold to Saudi Arabia

Sarbia (Ekstern x Samura by Ararat), br./o. Janow Podlaski Stud - 85 000, sold to Great Britain

Camilia (Piaff x Calineczka by Metropolis NA), br./o. Białka Stud - 60 000, sold to Australia

Kashira (Magnum Psyche x Kahila IV by Ibn Bint Inas), br. S. Redestowicz, o. SK Bełżyce - 57 000, sold to Australia

Forminga (Laheeb x Figlarka by Monogramm), br./o. Michałow Stud - 46 000, sold to Australia

Bohema (Ekstern x Bogini by Arbil), br./o. Janow Podlaski Stud - 42 000, sold to Australia

Egzonera (Monogramm x Egzotyka by Probat), br./o. Michalow Stud - 40 000, sold to USA

Pohulanka (Pepton x Pestka by Probat), br./o. Janow Podlaski Stud - 35 000, sold to France

Pasterna (Ekstern x Pasywa by Wachlarz), br./o. Lech Błaszczyk - 31 000, sold to the Czech Republic

Bajaderka (Złocień x Bagatela by Pesal), br. Agricola Farm, o. Monika Luft - 30 000, sold to Australia

Entima (Ekstern x Etalanta by Europejczyk), br./o. Janow Podlaski Stud, 28 000, sold to Great Britain

Luanda (Emigrant x Loretta by Wojsław), br./o. Michalow Stud - 25 000, sold to Poland

Ebora (Ekstern x Eberia by Ecaho), br./o. Michalow Stud - 20 000, sold to the Czech Republic

Wieża Babel (Laheeb x Wiaźma by Arbil), br./o. Michalow Stud - 20 000, sold to France

Grobla (Wachlarz x Gryzetka by Wojsław), br./o. Michalow Stud - 20 000, sold to Great Britain

Celsjusz (Ekstern x Carina by Pesal), br./o. Białka Stud - 20 000, sold to Egypt

Watra (Metropolis NA x Wanilia by Alegro), br./o. Janow Podlaski Stud - 10 000, sold to France

Cisowa (Ararat x Cerinola by Ecaho), br./o. Janów Podlaski Stud - 8 000, sold to Australia


Adelina (Grafik x Anakonda by Monogramm), br./o. Michalow Stud - 8 000, sold to Australia

Cetula (El Nabila B x Celta by Pasat), br./o. Janów Podlaski Stud - 8 000, sold to Australia




Judge Alan Preston, Australia: "Being invited to judge the Polish National Championships was a tremendous honor. This was my first visit to Poland, so as you can imagine there was one special moment after another. One of the most special moments for me was actually after the show, during the horse parade at Janow Podlaski. The setting was so beautiful and peaceful; we could just relax and enjoy the presentation of the stallions, mares and their foals. It was pure perfection and a time I will remember forever."

Judge Renata Schibler, Switzerland: "Judging the Polish National Championships this year was wonderful! We had a great panel to work with and once again, the horses were incredible. The Polish Nationals are always very special, but there was one moment during this year's show that touched me very deeply; the presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award to Madame Izabella Zawadzka. I admire her so much, I was thrilled to be there as she was honored for all of the contributions she has made to the Arabian horse!"

Judge Ali Shaarawi, Egypt: "As a judge, it would be impossible to say there was just one moment that was most memorable from the Polish National Show. However, the Gold Champion Senior Mare and Best In Show winner, Emmona truly touched my heart! She was incredibly beautiful and for me, she represents the classic Polish Arabian mare. I was also very impressed with the presentation of horses at Bialka Stud. Even though the weather was not so very cooperative, it could not diminish their exceptional quality. I was very pleasantly surprised!"


Judge Sylvie Eberhardt, Germany: "Where do I begin? It is difficult to put into words how wonderful Poland is. The quality of the horses this year was very high - especially in the junior classes and also the mares - the beautiful Polish mares! Most surprising to me at the show and sale were the offspring of QR Marc. The Polish breeders have the true feeling for the horses! They have done a really  outstanding job using this young stallion, and I think they have produced some of his best offspring. The sale was also a great success, which was not so surprising because of the high quality of horses they offered.

Overall, there was a very good atmosphere through out the events. As a judge, I wondered how our team would do. But after the first class, I could tell I was working with experts. I think it was a good team and we all really enjoyed working together very much. It was truly an honor to judge the Polish Nationals, as well as a pleasure to participate and to see the beautiful horses that continue to bring us so much joy!"

Ward Bemong, Athbah Arabian Stud, Saudi Arabia: "I love attending the Polish National show! It is very special! Here I always meet great people from all over the world who have the same goal... to see great horses, great breeding programs, and if we are lucky, we take home something precious from the sale.

As a manager of Athbah Stud, owned by HRH Prince Abdulaziz Bin Ahmad Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I was looking to add some great producing mares to our breeding program. I selected the mares Panika and Andaluzja! Both of them are great producing mares. Andaluzja is the dam of the Polish National Champion stallion Alert. Her daughter, by Pesal, produced a beautiful Ekstern filly this year. Andaluzja also has a beautiful Piaff colt at foot that is very special, and she is in foal to Triple Crown Winner Ekstern. Panika is the dam of the multi international champion mare Palanga, who produced some very special foals by QR Marc while on lease to Mr Paul Gheyssen from Belgium. Panika has a very cool colt by Ganges at foot that has huge eyes, great attitude, and wonderful ears - for sure he is a promising colt for the future of Michalow Stud. Panika is in foal to multi international champion Esparto! Anduluzja and Panika are in foal to top producing stallions - we can't wait to see their babies that will arrive in 2012. Both mares will then be bred to 2010 Triple Crown Champion AJA Justified, owned by Athbah Stud!!"

Frank Hennessey, Hennessey Arabians, Ocala, Florida, sponsor of the Polish National Show: "The Polish Arabian breeding program is a critical element of Hennessey Arabians. We have attended the Polish National Show and the Pride of Poland Sale for several years and have purchased five mares at the auction. Each mare was in foal when we purchased them, so we now own 10 direct products of the Polish breeding programs. We have also purchased several mares in the States that originated in Poland.

In addition to the trips for the nationals and the auction, we have visited the stud farms on several occasions during the month of May, after the majority of the foals have been born. The stud farms are the only place I know that we can view 20 or more foals by the same stallion in one foal crop. These trips have proven to play an important role in our breeding and purchasing decisions. The Polish hospitality and incredible Arabian horses have made our visits to Poland a truly remarkable experience for me."


George Z, Hennessey Arabians, Ocala, Florida: "We go to Poland every year for the show and the sale. Every year, without fail, the quality of the horses is SUPERB - especially the fillies and mares. They are breathtaking! In my opinion, the filly and mare classes at the Polish nationals are the best classes in the world! We go to shows and farms around the world, but there is no place on earth like Janow has a totally unique ambiance. It is a magical world - like Alice in Wonderland - it is always full of beautiful surprises!

Also, every year the Pride of Poland sale offers some of the top, top horses in the world. This year was no exception. The top horses brought the top prices, and they were worth every cent. This year my favorite mare, and I believe the best deal of the sale, was the beautiful Eukaliptus daughter, Panika - she was exquisite! I knew Panika, her mother, and her grandmother - this is a wonderful family of outstanding producers. Athbah Stud of Saudi Arabia purchased Panika and we wish them the very best success with her!"


Greg and Nancy Gallun, Gallun Training, USA: "We attended this year's Polish National Show and Sale with friends and clients, Mark Davis and Cindy McGown of Royal Arabians in Mesa, Arizona. Royal Arabians has strong ties to the Polish breeding programs. In the past, they purchased a son of the great Emmandoria. They also purchased a breeding right to World Champion Mare Pianissima. Mark and Cindy wanted to purchase a really top quality mare for their program and we went to Poland with the intention of buying the best possible mare we could. In our opinion, Mark and Cindy got the absolute best mare for the best price - the beautiful Monogramm daughter, Egzonera. She will be on her way to her new home at Royal Arabians soon and we can't wait to see her!

We had another really exciting success at the Pride of Poland Sale with the winning bid for the gorgeous filly Piacenza, by QR Marc and out of the Emigrant daughter Primawera, which was purchased for Al Shahania Stud. They had contacted us earlier in the year and told us they were looking for a world-class filly. I had heard about Piacenza and that she was Best In Show at the Bialka Spring Show. When I saw Piacenza, I was really impressed with her length of leg, smooth body, and extreme type. I think she is the perfect combination of Polish breeding with the beauty of QR Marc. Piecenza is a wonderful filly and I think she will be an unbelievable mare. She is going to Franke Sponle's farm to be prepared for the All Nations Cup Show, where I will be presenting her, and then it will be on to Paris for the World Championships at the Salon du Cheval. The Polish breeders never fail to amaze us with their ability to produce some of the best Arabian hoses in the world - including Egzonera and Piecenza!"

Carol Steppe, Day Dream Arabians, USA: "A trip back to Poland this year confirmed everything I have held in such high regard since my very first visit back in 1987. Poland is one of the great motherboards for an Arabian horse breeder; all the wires connect, and compute. You can see how the bloodlines have been preserved, how the qualities have been improved, and how the future is unfolding. We absolutely count on a Polish horse being a beautiful mover, having a gorgeous neck, and gripping the crowd's attention with their charisma as they come into the show ring. I hope these foundational qualities are never lost.

So often, it is hard to see how all the pieces fit in a program. Most of the time, we cannot look so far back into breeding history as we can in Poland. The Polish breeders have succeeded in preserving certain classic Arabian traits by layering them over generations of horses. We also see how these expert breeders have added new bloodlines to enhance the consistent traits that are so solid in the their programs. Poland just seems to "get it right", generation after generation!

When you get to see a beautiful horse show in a great setting, a lively and exciting auction, go to the breeding farms, see their parade of breeding horses, and then, end it all with a visit to the ethereal Emmandoria in her stall, it makes for a trip that you will treasure for a lifetime."


Kimberly Jarvis, C. Jarvis Insurance, sponsor of the Polish National Show: "The Polish National Horse Show and Pride of Poland

Sale is always a magical event, and this year was no exception. I've been coming religiously since the mid 80's and I started bringing my daughter, Brooke Marie, since she was six-years-old. I've always loved returning to the majestic Janow Podlaski and also witnessing the growth of Poland as a country.

From the beginning, I've seen the country and the state studs as blooming flowers. Along with the state stud farms, we also get to see the private Polish breeders competitively blooming. Every year the flowers become more vivid in color and larger in diameter. Visiting Poland is an experience that should be lived once in every horse lover's life. I cannot wait to return next year to see how the flowers have bloomed even more."



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