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The AHBA Futurity Auction

The AHBA Futurity Auction is currently online & will run through March 12th (7pm EST). Don't miss this opportunity to breed to some of the most exquisite stallions in the world and your chance to WIN BIG! In addition to the already popular AHBA Yearling Futurity classes, the 2011 ABWC is pleased to offer AHBA Futurity classes for two year olds as well. All AHBA Futurity classes will be held in conjuction with the Arabian Breeders World Cup in 2011.

• Amatuer to Handle Futurity!
• $68,000 expected payout for the 2011 Yearling AHBA Futurity Class!
• $86,000 expected payout for the 2011 2 Year Old AHBA Futurity Class!
• Each foal has 2 chances to win BIG! Yearling & Two Year Old Futurities!
• Each stallion can have 2 foals nominated!

To see the nominated stallions, get additional information and/or bid visit: