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The Arabian Breeder Finals
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October 10th, 2011

12694_mediumThe Arabian Breeder Finals:
Innovative new competition to end Scottsdale season with a bang
by Brooks Roche

The Arabian Horse Association of Arizona has been marketing and promoting the Arabian horse in Arizona for over 56 years, but this year it is raising the bar to a new level with the Arabian Breeder Finals.

"It's a completely different show from anything before," said Taryl O'Shea, the Arabian Breeder Finals Show Manager. "We wanted to create something new and unique."

The Arabian horse season begins with the Scottsdale Arabian Show in February, and the Arabian Horse Association of Arizona (AHAA) envisions the Arabian Breeders Finals to be the capstone of the season, with a more upscale and glamorous atmosphere than ever before. The inaugural Arabian Breeders Finals will begin October 12, 2011 and end on October 15.

"The patrons will have ringside cabanas, and there will be a Happy Hour after the competitions on Thursday, Friday and Saturday," said O'Shea.

The luxurious tents will have box seats in the front and can be decorated to match the designs and brand of the farms; and along with a chic lounge, The Finals hopes to bring back the glitz and glamour of the Arabian horse glory days.

"New competition, new approach, new concepts, new camaraderie, new judges... The Arabian Breeder Finals is going to be the catalyst to bring the breeders of Arabian horses into a new future," said Director Gary McDonald.

Located in Scottsdale, a world-class destination for Arabian horse breeders and lovers, as well as one of the best areas for fine dining and shopping, the Arabian Breeder Finals are sure to attract the best the Arabian horse community has to offer. The show will be held at WestWorld, a long standing and top notch venue for equine events that is currently beginning a $30 million upgrade to double the size of their facility.

And by starting at 3 p.m. the Arabian Breeder Finals committee hopes people will be able to go out and see local Arabian horse farms and all that Scottsdale has to offer.

"I think the thing that's special is the venue of Scottsdale. It's 85 degrees in the evening and we expect very pleasant weather," said Greg Knowles, Arabian Breeder Finals committee member. "Scottsdale is famous for off-the-ground events -- 75-80% of the major players of the halter world live here."

The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show attracts thousands of visitors and tourists, nearly 2000 horses and hundreds of vendors, demonstrations and shows every February. And with the Scottsdale Farm Tours and other internationally recognized sales and farms, Scottsdale is already well regarded as a center for the Arabian horse industry.

The AHAA hopes this new show will cement the Arizonan city's reputation as the Arabian capital of the United States, if not the world.

"This show has a more relaxed pace, which creates some camaraderie and allows people to get together to celebrate these horses. Scottsdale has always been the Mecca for Arabian horses. It's the perfect place to have The Finals," said O'Shea.

In addition to the special events and atmosphere at the Arabian Breeder Finals, of course there are the horses, but this won't be any ordinary competition.

There will be an unprecedented halter and breeding showcase that will offer over $50,000 in the Yearling classes, and $8,750 paid out in the Final classes.

The Finals will include one of the only weanling classes in the country. The event will offer breeders the opportunity to show their newest offspring, and lets visitors see the next generation of champion Arabian horses.

"We are focusing on making this a great event for Arabian breeders," said AHAA President Jay Allen.

In addition to the show, the AHAA will introduce two new breeding programs for the Arabian industry, the Breeders Club Program and Arabian Breeders Finals Futurity Program.

The Breeders Club Program will pay out money in designated Breeders Club Classes for yearling and two year old offspring of Breeders Club stallions beginning in 2012. Purebred Arabian stallions can join the program for $1,000, and a one-time foal nomination fee of $200. To kick off the program, the Arabian Breeder Finals committee selected 55 of the top Scottsdale Signature Stallions at no cost to the owners.

Starting in 2015, the Arabian Breeder Finals Futurity will pay out money for three year olds. The 2012 Foal nomination deadline is December 31, 2011, and requires a one-time fee of $100.

"It's going to be an amazing event," said Allen, "in 20 years we will be looking back thinking, 'What a great idea!'"


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