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The Australian Bushfire Equine Victims Relief Fund
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February 13th, 2009

On Saturday the 9th of February 2009, Victoria, Australia, was hit by the worst bushfires in Australian history. With the body count approaching 200 and over 1,000 homes destroyed, this is already a national disaster. However, with 25 fires continuing to blaze, the number of people dying and losing their homes is growing every day. Due to unseasonably hot weather, these fires continue to burn, leaving Victoria in ongoing danger and on high alert, with people fleeing their homes to find safety from this disaster.  So far, there have been over 5,000 people left homeless, who have also lost family members, friends, and their beloved animals and horses. These people have been left with nothing, with no worldly possessions, struggling to care for distraught family members and hurt and burnt animals. These people are in desperate need of money to help rebuild their lives.

The Australian Bushfire Equine Victims Relief Fund - "Aussie Bushfire Funds", has been created to help raise money for these victims and an account at Desert Schools Federal Credit Union has been set up. We are hoping to raise as much money as possible, so we can present the victims of this tragedy with a significant check to help them start rebuilding their lives, for them and their horses.

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated, and will change the lives of those affected by this tragedy. All donations can be deposited at any Desert School Federal Credit Union branch or via wire and money transfer.


Donation Information:

Domestic donations: The Aussie Bushfire Fund
Account Number: 808487-04

International wires to send to: The Aussie Bushfire Fund
Routing and transit number: 122187238
Account Number: 1080848704

There will also be donation drop off points at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, at the venders 'The Hat Lady' and 'Cow Girls Don't Cry' and Chris Culbreth Equine and Management barns located at the east South end of the show grounds. Your support is appreciated during this tragic time. Every dollar you donate will go towards rebuilding the lives of those who have survived this horrific event.

Please feel free to contact me at (602) 697-1358 or at