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The Secret of the Dubai Arabian Horse Stud: The Mares!



Story compliments of Tutto Arabi
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We have always said that European breeding is the top in the world together with the American one, whereas the Arab countries are said to have no time for proper breeding due to the pressure to attain immediate results. This tendency is now changing, and the proof is the Dubai Arabian Horse Stud, one of the most important studs in the world despite having been established just two years ago. The choice of the manager for this important stud was fundamental as well as the right one. When Mr. Mohammed Abdulla Al Tawhidi Dubai Arabian Stud Project Supervisor entered the world of conformation Arabian horses, he started a thorough research around the world to identify the best bloodlines that could give considerable results to the stud in a short time Accessing our world, where competition is increasingly more and more fierce, and obtaining remarkable results in such a short time was not an easy objective to pursue. Thanks to constance, a boundless passion and the expertise obtained from breeding several types of animals, horses included, Mohammed has tried to shorten the distance working with well-established studs that have gained lots of experience over many years. Those who know Mohammed can immediately understand the importance of breeding for him, to the point that research and the creation of a breeding program has always been the first objective to be met. We can easily say that the Dubai Stud pursues two different aims, which often complement each other, i.e. continue the sequence of victories in competitions worldwide and manage to create home-bred champions. Nothing is left to chance, and the numerous trips that Mohammed (General Manager) and Abdel Aziz Al Marazeek (Stud Manager) make all the time are considered fundamental milestones for this project. Visiting famous studs, seeing the offspring of th e most important stallions, studying genetics and researching the best cross-breed by analysing pedigrees has already led to excellent results. Those who visit the Dubai Stud will realise this, but what impressed us was the long-sightedness of the project and the object of their research. Focussing on mares with important pedigrees and high quality dams has allowed them to obtain outstanding results. At Dubai Arabian Horse Stud you can find important bloodlines and above all various training programs, straight Egyptian, straight Polish and mixed Golden Cross breeds. Let us now talk about the pearls of the Dubai Stud, some of which are great dams but also multiwinners in shows. There are plans to include some of them in a new enterprise that started this year in cooperation with the University of Colorado and David Cains: creating embryos of the most important mares with different stallions. This project partially involves Italy as well, with some mares followed by the Arabian Training Center Ca' di Gianni by Paolo Capecci and Gianpaolo Gubbiotti, who are in charge of all the show horses. Mohammed told us: "Visiting this clinic in the USA personally convinced me that this was the right decision. In Colorado they are really the best embryo center and their success rate is 90%. With them we have set up a direct connection, which will enable us to obtain up to three foals a year for each of our best mares. When I mentioned this to the Ruler of Dubai, Sh. Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, he did not have doubts and fully supported this new challenge. At the same time, building work will start for the new stud in Dubai. The number of horses will continue to rise from the 150 we have today, so we will need more space that meets our needs. Therefore, from today's central location we will move towards the desert, in an enchanted environment for the horse, a proper City of Horses that many sector professionals know already. The new stud will be built next to the Endurance Village, in the Bab Al Shams Desert of Sh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Famous among all endurance lover, Bab Al Shams is 40 km from Dubai and is considered the place where the horse is the absolute king. It was inaugurated in 1999 and hosts eight international events every year, from November to March. We will have infinite space to achieve our first objective, improving our breeding fast and being able to create champions. The project will include paddocks for mares, a vet clinic, air-conditioned loose boxes, a club house, accommodation for workers and guests and everything required to condition the horses, like arenas, treadmills, indoor rings, rest areas and many other modern facilities. In this environment we will endeavour to create the perfect Arabian horse". Let us talk about some of the "queens" of the Dubai Arabian Horse Stud, many of which have excellent pedigrees but are also multiwinners in competitions. They too will become part of this fantastic project. *Simeon Sehavi (Asfour x Simeon Sheba) is one of the treasures of the Dubai Stud, with an amazing straight Egyptian pedigree, which leaves everyone speechless when they see her. This snub-nosed mare with great type and movement showed her worth also at shows - worth reminding is the Reserve Champion Mare title in the A show in Menton. Another show multiwinner with excellent breeding abilities is *Martinique, whose parents are the legendary Ansata Sinan, which gives her an Egyptian touch, and Marraxti, which has also an excellent Spanish bloodline from maternal side. Martinique has won many shows, among the latest results the title of Reserve European Champion in 2008. Her daughter, *Fer Mia (Jk Nasser x Martinique) has got an even more snub nose and even more extreme head than her dam, with outstanding type.

Newly-arrived pearl of the Dubai Arabian Horse Stud, *Ladi Veronica (Versace x Niers Nateyka) recently won the International Show in Travagliato with as many as seven 20s, an excellent pedigree that will add new jewels to the already rich collection for this stud. Spectacular is also *Frasera Mashara (Shahil x Mb Madora) which Mohammed managed to get into his broodmare band, another straight Egyptian mare that stands out with her innate type, her pedigree and her extraordinary talent. Last year she won Baden Baden 2008. The Reserve World Champion *Col Cora (Wagner x Catika) is becoming increasingly typey and more beautiful, with a truly extreme head. The Unanimous Champion at the International Ajman 2009, *Lumiar Bint Balzac (Lumiar Balzac x Supreme Focus), is really one of the most exotic mares living at the Dubai Arabian Stud. Apart from having an excellent type, she also has spectacular movement and a perfect body. *Fer Fiera Blanca (Wh Justice x Clio Fiera Blanca) is another mare that has constantly obtained very high scores in type and head and neck. At the International Championship in Boario she was named Champion. *Kar Ofelia (El Perfecto x Gual Hassika), in which you can see all the best features of the Spanish line, reached the top ten at the World Championship in Paris. The straight Egyptian *Kalya (Al Khidir x Yathara Halima), first in Menton, shows a fine pedigree for a regal mare with excellent movement.  Similarly, it is impossible not to notice the snub nose of the stunning gray *Elha El Nile (Classic Shadwan x Am Alia El Nile). The European Reserve Champion *Psynata (Psytadel x Natalia) has also become part of this breeding program this year, after winning many shows. The international multichampion and Reserve Champion at Ajman 2009 is *Shownel (Showrayce x Lur Julane), who is also here. Some of the mares that have produced their first world and Dubai champions in 2009 are *Royal Colours, which we saw during the presentation, *Twom Medina El Shaklan (El Shaklan x Classic Medaba), Champion at the International B in Boario 2006, the phenomenal *Nina El Shams (Nimroz x Iris), Italian Champion mare in 2007, *Trinite FM (Da Vinci x Autumn Star FM), *Muranas Je Taime (Psytadel x Jana El Bri), *JBK Mysteria (Thee Desperado x Padrons China Doll) and the straight egyptian *Masuna (El Allah Abu x Maleika). Future dams that are currently in foal with Royal Colours are *M Randy (El Sher Mann x Shah Xotic), Champion at Orientalica 2006, *Simourah (Garsal x Sima), Reseve World Champion in 2005, and *Emmona, the stunning daughter of Monogramm. 

It would be impossible to name them all, because every time you stop at a Dubai Stud box you see excellent pedigrees with exclusive bloodlines. Mohammed's persistence results in a variety of coverings and a great and bright future for the Dubai stud. This will be achieved by using, for example, *Royal Colours but also *MA Shadow El Sher. They both are show champions, but are also producing real pearls which we will soon see at shows in the junior categories. This is further evidence of the effectiveness of a project that is way ahead of its time. Mohammed and Abdel Aziz will build the future by using the right stallion for each mare, proof of their ongoing search for perfection and of their open-mindedness, thanks to which they will be able to use stallions that are not home-bred champions. Recently they purchased coverings from the legendary Thee Desperado and of Ruminaja Ali, another famous stallion, from the young stallions and breeders Wh Justice, Ajman Moniscione, Qr Marc as well as the established and appreciated sires Gazal Al Shaqab and Marwan Al Shaqab. This breeding project puts mares at its core and aims only at growing the stud by focusing on the embryo and the right covering even before purchasing a mare. They look into the evolution of possible bloodlines through ongoing research and analyses. We can only be happy for the way in which our world enhances its knowledge day by day and for the fundamental contribution given by Dubai Arabian Horse Stud to the growth of the purebred Arabian thanks to their enlightening methods.


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