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The Vision - A Legend in her Own Time
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March 2nd, 2010

By Tzviah Idan (All Rights Reserved)
Photos Shira Yegar
Article courtesy of Tutto Arabi


The Vision HG holds court in the sheltered corner box stall closest to where visitors gather at Israel's famous Ariela Arabians. A pure black in color, with a soft, alluring beauty and an extremely refined and chiseled face, she seems almost too perfect to be real. Deep, liquid eyes reflect such ancient wisdom, that one feels privileged to stand within her gaze. She is a legend and she reigns supreme both at home and in the hearts of horse lovers worldwide. She is a vision - the one and only The Vision.

As one might expect, The Vision rules at Ariela, her regal bearing and body language clearly communicates this to horses and humans alike, and she seems to sense that the visitors who come from all over the world are making a special pilgrimage especially to see her. Although somewhat aloof with these visitors, she is a 'sucker' for mint candies and will warm up considerably if they are offered.

The Vision is not only an exquisitely beautiful mare, she is also considered by breed authorities to be one of the most valuable Arabian broodmares in the entire Middle East. Bred in America by Marilyn Geurin of Hot Springs, Arizona, The Vision was chosen as an immature yearling to join the select straight Egyptian Ariela herd at the 1995 US Egyptian Event, to fulfill a special request of owner Eithan Wertheimer - to find a beautiful mare or filly of black color to join the farm's breeding program.

Farm manager Chen Kedar recalls, "Eitan had this idea that we needed a black mare in our program. Over a two year period I spent a lot of time traveling throughout America looking at black mares, without much luck. Egyptian breeders in the U.S. knew that we were looking, and at the Egyptian Event trainer Steve Dady showed us The Vision. She was the first filly that met all our requirements and we bought her immediately."

A Look at The Vision's Pedigree

A Saqlawi Jedrania in strain, the Vision is a member of the influential Zafaarana family, tracing in tail-female to the famous mare Radia. Her pedigree shows that she is a very well-bred individual, the thoughtful work of a skilled and knowledgeable breeder, who built upon the fine work of other serious breeders.

The Vision's sire and dam share the same sire and and a grandsire, which makes them three-quarter siblings in blood. She is a double granddaughter of one of the world's most popular sires, the U.S. Top Ten stallion The Minstril (Ruminaja Ali x Bahila), sire of champion get around the world, and a leading representative of the Nazeer sire line through Morafic. The Minstril stamps his get to an extraordinary degree with his elegance, refinement, smoothness, balance, excellent pigmentation, and often enough, with his rich mahogany bay color. The Minstril's dam, the black Bahila, was bred in Europe and later exported to the US. She represents a combination of Egyptian bloodlines bred in Germany and at the Hungarian State Stud at Babolna during the decades of the sixties and seventies. Her sire, Ibn Galal I was bred at Babolna and is by the important foundation sire Ibn Galal/Magdi, and out of the Alaa el Din daughter Hanadi. Her dam Bakria was a rich bay, bred in Germany and by the black Anter son Gharib out of Baheia. The blood behind Bahila is a strong source of the excellent pigmentation and athleticism found in this family and it should be noted that her sire and dam are both of the very valuable Hadban Enzahi strain, the strain carried by some of the breed's most influential sires.

The Vision's sire is The Minstril's most famous son, the extremely valuable Thee Desperado, another rich bay, who has outdone his own sire to become the undisputed leading sire of straight Egyptian get worldwide. Particularly in America, the influence of Thee Desperado on straight Egyptian breeding over the past two decades has been phenomenal. This influence has quickly spread worldwide - in 2009 alone both the World Champion Stallion and Reserve World Champion Stallion titles in Paris, were awarded to straight Egyptian progeny of Thee Desperado. Thee Desperado's dam, AK Amiri Asmaar, is a direct daughter of the influential broodmare sire, The Egyptian Prince. In turn, her dam, Asmaar, is a rare Zaghloul daughter out of the Ibn Hafiza daughter Nagliah and, as such, a valuable source of outcross blood to balance the strong linebreeding to Nazeer.

The Vision closely resembles her dam, the very beautiful and highly-regarded bay mare Belle Staar, who is also a daughter of The Minstril. Belle Staar is especially known for her exceptional refinement and extreme face. Like AK Amiri Asmaar, Belle Staar's dam Alia-Aenor, is a direct daughter of The Egyptian Prince. The Egyptian Prince is a Morafic son out of Bint Mona, Morafic's own full sister in blood, so this strong linebreeding brings forward the influence of the great Saqlawi Jedrania mare and 'queen mother' of modern Egyptian breeding, Moniet el Nefous, the granddam of both Morafic and Bint Mona.

The Vision's maternal granddam, Hasnaa Albadeia, was sired by still another Morafic son, the influential Kayed (x Kaydahom), who served as head sire at the Al Badeia Stud in Egypt for many years. She was imported to the US in 1979 and was the last foal of her dam, El Ameera [sometimes spelled El Amira], a Nazeer daughter out of the extremely influential Saqlawi Jedrania mare Zaafarana, perhaps best known as the dam of the highly influential U.S. imports Talal and Ansata Bint Zaafarana by Nazeer, as well as the noted sire Amrullah by Sid Abouhom. Zaafarana was sired by Balance and out of the important Ibn Rabdan daughter Samira, out of the famous Bint Radia.

It is small wonder that when one thinks of The Vision, one think first of extraordinary type and exquisite beauty, for these traits are considered the strongest and most consistent traits carried by the Saqlawi strain. Her pedigree is very rich in Saqlawi blood and The Vision herself is a remarkable example of this strain.

The Vision's Show Career

Prior to and alongside her broodmare career, The Vision had a limited show career, and was handled in the ring exclusively by Frank Spoenle. In 1996 she won the title of Middle East Reserve Junior Champion Filly in Amman, Jordan, and the titles of National Champion Filly, National Champion Mare, and Most Classic Head winner in Israel. In 1998 and 1999 she returned to the show ring to twice win the title of Israeli National Champion mare, and in 2007 she was shown one last time, winning the Senior Mare Champion Title at Israel's Egyptian Event.

The Vision's electrifying presence in the show ring was always deeply felt and appreciated whenever she was exhibited; all eyes were always upon her, and her exceptional quality and exotic type mesmerized audience and judges alike. She undoubtedly could have done well in European shows, but once she established herself as a broodmare, it was decided that she was simply too valuable to send off the farm. Those fortunate enough to have watched her in the show ring have never, ever forgotten her.

Arabian judge Jaroslav Lacina of the Czech Republic was asked to recall one of his fondest judging memories in an interview published in a recent issue of Tutto Arabi, and replied: "I remember particularly when I was judging in Israel at the Egyptian Event, there was an outstanding black mare in the senior female class. She had unbelievably big dark eyes, wonderful head, harmonic neck, very good body, fantastic movement and huge charisma. I had never seen her before, and I was just wondering whether it was HER or not....Yes! It was! The Vision herself."

The Vision's First Foal - Al Maraam

8897_mediumDuring those same years that The Vision was maturing from filly to mare at Ariela, the farm leased the famous international sire and dynasty-maker Imperial Imdal (Ansata Imperial x Dalia) for three years. The Vision was duly covered by Imdal just two months before he left Israel and her first foal arrived in 1998 - a very eye-catching and charismatic bay colt sired aptly named Al Maraam, in Arabic his name translates to 'the passion'. Even before he was one week old there were offers from overseas to buy him.

As a yearling Maraam burst upon the European show scene with Frank Spoenle to win the All Nationals Cup Reserve Junior Colt Championship, 2nd Place at the European Championships, and Top Five at the World Championships in Paris. In 2001 he won First Place at the prestigious Towerlands Show in the UK and a First Place at the European Championships, and in 2006 he was named Israeli Reserve National Champion Stallion.

Today Al Maraam is a much sought-after sire around the world, his many sons and daughters renowned for their exquisite type, great charisma, and trainability. His sons have proven to be consistent producers of show winners and his daughters excellent broodmares. In Israel, Maraam has maintained his edge as the leading sire and grandsire of show champions both at the National Championship Show and the prestigious Egyptian Event - Israel and Israel Cup over several years. To illustrate this point, the following are just some of the wins of his progeny which took place during the 2008 and 2009 show seasons:

AA Al Bashyr (El Thay Beshira) won the title of 2009 Gold Medal National Champion Stallion, after returning from a two-year lease in America. His paternal half-sister, Nawaal AA (x Insha Sha Latifa) won the title of Israeli Reserve National Champion Filly in 2008 and a coveted Bronze Medal Champion Filly title at the Egyptian Cup this year. Maraam's grandson, the multi-champion colt Mouadaar BKV (Al Bilal x *Barakis Whisper) won this year's Gold Medal Israeli National Champion Colt title; last year he was both Israeli National and Egyptian Event Junior Champion Colt. The Egyptian-related Donya, (Aroussa), an Al Maraam granddaughter, was Silver Champion Filly at this year's Israeli National Championships, and two additional Al Maraam granddaughters, Lutfina AA (Latifah AA) and the Egyptian-related SA Al Zahara (Al Duqa AA), took First place in the A and B sections of their large age classes at the 2009 Israeli National Championship Show, with Lutfina AA going on to win the title of Gold Medal National Champion Filly Foal. One month later, these same two fillies were also Gold Medal winners at the 2009 Israeli Egyptian Cup. A second Maraam grandson El Amir Ibn Mawardi (Mawardi x *JPJ Talai) was both Reserve National Champion Colt Foal at the Israeli Nationals and Reserve Champion Colt Foal title at the Egyptian Event-Israel in 2008. In November of this year he captured the title of Reserve Junior Champion Colt at the Purebred Arabian Horse Show at Jericho and also the Silver Medal Champion Colt title at Israel's first Egyptian Cup.

Like his stable mate and paternal half-brother Laheeb, Al Maraam is one of the few straight Egyptian stallions to be invited to stand at the National Studs of Poland, where his get are just now coming of age. In 2005 Al Maraam stood at Michalow Stud, and the following year he returned to Poland to stand at Michalow again. His Egyptian-related daughter Parmana (Palmira) was Junior Champion Filly at the 2009 Bialka Spring Show in Poland and took Second in her age group at the All-Nations Cup Show in September. Another privately-owned Polish-bred son, the Egyptian-related Elmaran, won a coveted Top Five award at the International Show at Wels, Austria. Ariela's bay Egyptian-related 2007 Michalow-bred Al Maraam daughter *Zlota Gwiazda (Zlota Ksiega), was Gold Medal Egyptian-bred Filly at Israel's first Egyptian Cup. The Egyptian-related Al Maraam granddaughter and 2008 Israeli National Champion Filly, Dafina AA (Al Bilal x *Dumka by Laheeb), is one of Ariela's most promising young mares. Another Al Maraam granddaughter, the 2009 Egyptian-sired SA Al Zahara out of Al Duqa AA (Al Maraam x *Dumka) was Gold Medal Egyptian-Related Filly Foal at the Egyptian Cup and also won First Place in the large B Section of her age class at the 2009 Israeli National Championship Show.

Perhaps Al Maraam's best-known son is the exotic Al Bilal AA (Bahiha), a multi-champion in Israel now owned by Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi of Ajman Stud in the UAE, and sire of the Israeli multi-champion Mouadaar BKV and Israeli National Champion Filly, the Egyptian-related Dafina AA. Al Maraam's most famous daughter is the classic white Latifah AA, (x Imperial Kalatifa), dam of Lutfina AA, this year's Israeli National Gold Medal Filly Foal; she herself won the titles of Filly Foal Champion, National Champion Filly, National Champion Mare and Egyptian Event-Israel Champion Mare in Israel before her lease to Becker Arabians in Europe. During 2009 Latifah won the Champion Mare titles at both the International B Show at Strohen and the Arabesque Egyptian Cup in Baden-Baden, as well as the Reserve Champion Mare title at the Kauber-Platte International B Show.

Currently in America until the beginning of 2010, Al Maraam is on lease to Raymond Mazzei's Furioso Farms and Manny Viera's Valley Oak Arabians in California where he has sired exquisite foals out of pure Polish, straight Egyptian and domestic mares. During his stay in the U.S. he is being managed by the veteran breeder, Arabian judge and bloodstock agent, Raymond Mazzei, who has this to say about the horse, "Al Maraam has been bred to a great variety of mares while in America. His get from all of these have tremendous type, move extremely well, and have more refined faces than their dams. They have good color and pigmentation - including some blacks - and tremendous attitude. What's more, they are all extremely easy to work with, like their sire. Many stallions will produce nice fillies but very few will produce both excellent fillies and really outstanding colts. Maraam has done this crossed with mares of every conceivable background."

Manny Viera of Valley Oaks Arabians adds, "Al Maraam has been a great influence on my breeding program. I now have ten foals, with more coming in 2010. He has brought type and beauty into my program along with structure and balance that is really going to help with my future plans for Valley Oaks Arabians. His excellent tail-set and the placement of those large, expressive eyes has been consistent in all of his foals, which are consistently typey and pretty. I feel privileged and honored to have been a part of his importation."

Al Maraam will return to Israel in early 2010. From August 2010 he will spend six months at Dr. Nasr Marei's Al Badeia Stud in Egypt as part of the historical stallion lease exchange agreement between Al Badeia and Ariela Arabians which brought Ariela's stallion Laheeb to Egypt and Dr. Marei's Simeon Sharav to Israel.

The Vision's Second Foal - Al Lahab

Some might say that with the birth of her first colt, Al Maraam, The Vision was, perhaps, just 'warming up.' Her second foal should need no introduction, for World Champion Al Lahab, is such a legend as to be the stuff of fairytales; his extreme type and indescribable beauty are famous throughout the world. Al Lahab's show ring accomplishments confirmed The Vision's worldwide influence as a broodmare beyond the shadow of a doubt, not just to her owners, but to the entire Arabian industry. Purchased by the Friedmann Family when they saw him in Germany at ten months of age, Al Lahab is today one of the breed's most highly decorated horses, winning the titles of European Junior Champion colt, Egyptian Event Supreme Champion Stallion - USA, twice All Nations Cup Champion Stallion, World Champion Stallion, Paris & Most Classic Head winner, 2006 ECAHO Cup Champion Stallion and 2007 Champion Stallion at the Dubai Gold Cup. He went on to win the Arabesque Egyptian Cup Junior Champion Colt title, also in Germany, and this year was Reserve World Champion Stallion in Paris.

Al Lahab has also proven to be a consistent sire of champions and champion producers, and has winning get throughout the world. Just to name a few: Mahala (Mahasin II), considered his most successful daughter is a multi-champion mare, now owned by Rabab Stud in Egypt; the Egyptian-related Champion stallion El Sid (Swana by Kubinec), is head sire of the Osterhof Stud in Germany; his multi-champion Egyptian-related son Al Milan (Milena by Ibn Narav), is head sire at Sax Arabians in Germany, and his Egyptian-related son El Palacio (El Dorado), a multi-Champion who was Bronze Champion Stallion at the 2009 World Championship Show in Paris, is owned by the Al Khalediah Stables of Saudia Arabia.

When Al Lahab went to the U.S., on lease to the world famous Om el Arab Stud in California, he competed at only one show - at the prestigious Egyptian Event in Kentucky. There he won the title of Supreme Champion Stallion, with his own sire, Laheeb, standing as his Reserve, an unforgettable occasion for those fortunate enough to witness it.

Ariela farm manager Chen Kedar thoughtfully recalls, "When Vision began her broodmare career, we were hoping that she would reproduce herself in her daughters. But when the charismatic and typey Al Maraam was born, his quality was so obvious that we realized that Vision had the potential of producing both valuable fillies and colts. Next she was bred to Laheeb, and produced a second exceptionally exotic and refined colt, Al Lahab. With the birth of this second colt we realized that Vision was one of those rarest of the rare broodmares - a mare who could produce stallions of the highest possible quality that in turn, could later recreate the best traits of their dam in their own get."

Additional Produce of The Vision

8898_mediumThe Vision is also the dam of the exciting blue-black stallion and champion sire, Al Hakim, sired by Ariela's homebred stallion Muhajjal (Imperial Imdal x Maar Bilahh). Al Hakim is owned by Black Smoke Arabians in Germany, where he is senior sire. Because of an injury sustained as a young horse, Al Hakim has not been shown, but has been represented well in the show ring by several of his get.

In 2002 the Vision x Laheeb breeding was repeated; this time the result was the very classic grey filly Al Halah AA, Vision's heiress apparent. This young broodmare is already the dam of two exquisite fillies, Helwah AA and the now deceased Haniyah AA, both sired by *Al Ayad (Moheeb x Al Mamoonah), and is herself a consistent show winner in Israel. Halah's most recent win was last November when she won the coveted title of Gold Medal Champion Mare at Israel's first Egyptian Cup.

This successful Vision x Laheeb mating was repeated for the next two years and produced two more world class colts, Al Hadiyah AA and Al Raheb AA; both are multi-champions in Israel, with Al Hadiyah never defeated in Israel. Recently on lease to Al Movida Arabians in Austria, Al Hadiyah brought home both the 2008 Austrian Nationals and the Asil Club Junior Champion Colt titles. In 2009 he was sold to an Israeli breeder.

The extremely tall and striking Al Raheb AA, owned by Muchsan OnAllah, has established an excellent show record in Israel and most recently was the Bronze Medal Colt Champion at the 2009 Israeli National Championship Show and the Gold Medal Colt Champion at the 2009 Egyptian Cup.

Over the years the Laheeb x Vision cross has proved so consistent in quality and type that Ariela has carefully selected outside stallions to use on The Vision in order to bring in valuable new blood, so that future daughters or granddaughters might later be bred back to Laheeb. Each of Vision's daughters has such an extremely valuable role in Ariela's breeding program that until recently the farm has been very unwilling to part with even one.

In the year 2000 Vision produced the exotic bay filly Al Baaraqi AA, by Baahir (Ibn El Mareekh x GF Nasra Bataa). Al Baaraqi is the dam of Israel National Champion Filly Baraqaa AA (x Laheeb).

Vision's cross with the Babolna stallion Halim Shah I (Ansata Halim Shah x 214 Ibn Galal I) resulted in the elegant bay Al Amal AA, who proved a consistent show winner in Israel and is the dam of both the 2008 Egyptian Event-Israel Junior Champion Filly Ayat AA by Al Ayad, and the 2009 Israeli Reserve Champion Foal Colt and Egyptian Cup Gold Medal Foal Colt Champion, Abyad AA, by Nader al Jamal. She is the first daughter of The Vision ever to be sold, purchased a few months ago by Al Movida Arabians in Austria as foundation mare of their new straight Egyptian program. Al Amal's daughter Ayat AA, a former Reserve Filly Foal Champion and Junior Champion Filly at Israel's Egyptian Event, will be retained to replace her dam in the Ariela breeding program.  Al Amal's 2009 colt Abyad AA caught the discerning eye of Marek Trela, manager of the famous Janow Podlaski Stud in Poland, who judged at this year's Israeli Nationals; Trela has since closed a deal leasing him to Janow for the next three years. Abyad AA is the third Ariela-bred Straight Egyptian to be leased by a National Stud in Poland.

The Vision Meets *Al Ayad

The extremely valuable and recently deceased German-bred stallion Al Ayad (Moheeb x Al Mamoonah ex Maysoun), was very heavily linebred to Nazeer and, like Nazeer, of the Hadban Enzahi strain. He carried the blood of some of Germany's most important early foundation horses, including, among others, Mahameh, Mahomed, Hadban Enzahi, Ibn Galal, and Ghazal. Al Ayad stood at Ariela during 2006 and 2007, where he was bred to The Vision, getting two exquisite grey colts, both of whom are being retained by Ariela as future sires. One of them, the very refined and beautiful Al Amir AA, is a wonderful combination of the best features of both his sire and dam and a colt of exceptional quality and movement. Al Amir is not being shown at this time and is slated to cover his first mares in 2010. The other colt, Al Ayal AA, is currently abroad, on lease to a group from Germany who will show him and use him at stud over the next three years.

From the moment he first stepped into a show ring Al Ayal proved himself to be an exceptional halter colt, winning the prestigious Foal Colt Championship titles at both the Israeli Nationals and the Israeli Egyptian Event in 2008. He was unforgettable as a weanling; his great quality, presence, balance, and exotic type seemed extraordinary in such a young colt. Every visiting judge and international breeder who saw him last year picked Al Ayal out as Ariela's next rising international star.

During his first show season in Europe, Al Ayal has had tremendous success. In Germany he won the Reserve Junior Championship titles at Orientalica, The Egyptian Europe Cup, and the International Kauber-Platte shows, and a prestigious Bronze Medal at the International B show at Strohen. He went on to win the Arabesque Egyptian Cup Junior Champion Colt title, which also took place in Germany. He was also named the Reserve Champion Colt title at the Lowland Arabian Cup in The Netherlands, and was recently awarded the title of Junior Champion Colt at the Egyptian Event of Sharjah in the UAE.

Only time will tell whether this extraordinary colt will reach the same heights as his older maternal brother, Al Lahab.

The Industry Speaks

Rarely has the Arabian breed been blessed with a mare such as The Vision. Her sheer beauty is a constant blessing and at only 15 years of age, her highly regarded descendants are influencing the breed on five different continents.

Arabian Handler Frank Spoelne, who has handled both The Vision and her progeny, put it simply yet eloquently: "The Vision HG is every breeder's dream. She's not only a beautiful and extremely typey mare, she also produced incredible foals. She is the dam of Al Lahab, well-known as an international champion, Al Maraam, and more recently of the extreme Al Ayal AA. She also gifted Ariela Arabians with some outstanding daughters. I'm proud to be part of her success showing her incredible progeny at the most important shows worldwide."

Veteran American breeder Mauri Chase of Chase Arabians in Texas had the privilege of owning Belle Staar, The Vision's dam, who passed away earlier this year. She recalls,"It was a great joy and rare privilege to own Belle Staar. She was a captivating mare with a certain combination of features - pronounced jibbah, large jowl and beautiful black eyes - that gave her a distinct look all her own. The Vision is an extraordinary mare who also reflects this unique look. Her extreme exotic beauty, consistently inherited by her children and grandchildren, has had a worldwide influence on the Arabian breed that will be felt for generations to come."

Serious Egyptian breeders worldwide have grabbed the opportunity to infuse The Vision's blood into their own programs, including Egyptian breeder Debra Geiser of Dara Meadows Farm in Virginia, the very first American breeder to book to Al Lahab while he was on lease to Om El Arab Arabians in California. She was impressed by videos of the horse and, even more importantly, was personally familiar with many of his key ancestors.

"I first saw Belle Staar when I was walking the stalls at the Egyptian Event many year's ago", Debra recalls. "She was just a young filly and I vividly remember it as I went to get my husband to come look at her since it was a 'you gotta see this horse' kind of moment. She had as extreme a head as I had ever seen at that time and just exuded overall quality. A few years later I saw her beautiful daughter The Vision HG and have never forgotten her. The seed was planted..."

"A few years later I read that Om El Arab was leasing *Al Lahab so I contacted owner Sigi Constanti immediately and booked to him, the first American to do so. I am big on quality female lines in my stallions. I loved his pedigree with Imperial Imdal, *Ibn Moniet el Nefous and some Babson/Sirecho combined with The Minstril blood and since I had seen the females first-hand, including Laheeb's dam AK Latifa at Zahara Arabian Stud, I realized how exceptional they all were. I also chose him because he has a very extreme head, a beautifully shaped and well-set neck, and very good movement."

"The 2005 Egyptian Event was a wonderful opportunity to study Al Lahab and his sire together. Laheeb certainly gave Al Lahab his smoothness and quality while letting the extreme type of The Vision and Belle Staar come through."

"I am so glad that my mare foaled a son who definitely inherited his father's look. He got some additional height and refinement from his dam but he definitely has his father's face, neck and motion. We are blessed."

Back at Ariela, Chen stands quietly and looks over the pasture fence, where several generations of The Vision's progeny quietly graze. She smiles, "I must admit that when we bought The Vision, we did so because she was the only black mare we saw that met our standards of overall quality and beauty. Before she started her broodmare career we never expected that she would become such an exceptional producer, but her very first foal, Al Maraam, changed our thinking entirely - from the moment he was born he had the most extreme head and more refinement and type than any foal we had ever bred. As Vision continued her broodmare career, her sons grew to become both international champions and influential breeding animals worldwide. Then her daughters and granddaughters grew up, and have done the same. And now, we are watching her great-grand foals growing up to continue the family tradition. This is so much more than we ever expected, and it is almost too much to take in - we are so very, very fortunate. It has been an extraordinary privilege and unique experience to share our lives with The Vision." q

The Complete Show Records of The Vision HG and her Foals

The Vision HG

(Thee Desperado x Belle Staar) Mare/Black/1994, Bred in the USA

  • 1995 Top Ten at the US Egyptian Event,
  • 1996 Israeli National Champion Filly & Most Classic Head Winner
  • 1996 Res. Junior Champion. & Most Classic Head Winner, at the Middle East Championship
  • 1998 Israeli National Champion Mare
  • 1999 Israeli National Champion Mare & High Scoring Horse of the Show
  • 2007 Champion Mare at the Israeli Egyptian Event

Al Maraam

(Imperial Imdal x The Vision HG) Stallion/Bay/1998 - Owned by Ariela Arabians

  • 1999 Reserve Junior Champion at Paderborn, Germany
  • 1999 Reserve Junior Champion at the All Nations Cup, Aachen
  • 1999 2nd Place at the European Championship, Verona
  • 1999 Top Ten at the World Championship, Paris
  • 2001 1st Place at Towerlands, UK
  • 2001 1st Place at the European Championship, Varona
  • 2006 Israeli Reserve National Champion Stallion
  • Leading sire of champions at the Israeli Nationals

Al Lahab

(Laheeb x The Vision HG) Stallion/Grey/1999 - Owned by the Freidmann Family, Germany

  • 1999 Foal Champion at the Israeli Nationals
  • 2000 Junior Champion and High Scoring Horse at the Asil Cup, Germany
  • 2000 Reserve Junior Champion at the All Nations Cup, Aachen
  • 2001 Junior Champion at the Egyptian Event Europe
  • 2001 European Junior Champion
  • 2002 2nd Place at the World Championship, Paris
  • 2006 Egyptian Event Supreme Champion Stallion - USA
  • 2006 Champion Stallion and high scoring horse at the Elran Cup - Borgloon
  • 2006 Champion Stallion and high scoring horse at the International Show in Towerlands
  • 2006 All Nations Cup Champion Stallion
  • 2006 World champion Stallion & Most Classic Head winner
  • 2006 ECAHO Cup Champion Stallion
  • 2007 Champion Stallion at the Dubai Gold Cup
  • 2009 Supreme Champion Stallion, Menton - France
  • 2009 All Nations Cup Champion Stallion
  • 2009 Reserve World Champion Stallion - Paris

Al Baraqai AA

(Baahir x The Vision HG) Mare/Bay/2000 - Owned by Ariela Arabians

  • 2000 3rd Place at the Israeli Nationals
  • 2001 2nd Place at the Israeli Nationals
  • Dam of Israeli National Champion Filly Baraqaa AA (ex Laheeb), and one of the most promising young broodmares at Ariela Arabians

Al Hakim AA

(Muhajjal x The Vision HG) Stallion/Black/2001, Owned by Black Smoke Arabians, Germany

Not shown due to an injury

Al Amal AA (Halim Shah I x The Vision HG) Mare/Bay/2002, Owned by La Movida, Austria

  • 2003 1st place at the Israeli Nationals
  • 2004 1st place at the Israeli Nationals
  • 2005 1st place at the Israeli Nationals
  • Dam of Ayat AA (ex Al Ayad), Junior Champion at 2008 Egyptian Event - Israel
  • Dam of Abayd AA (ex Nader al Jamal), Foal Champion at EC and Reserve Foal Champion at 2009 Israeli Nationals, and on lease to Janow Padlowski Stud, Poland

Al Halah AA

(Laheeb x The Vision HG) Mare/Grey/2003, Owned by Ariela Arabians

  • 2006 2nd place at the Israeli Egyptian Event
  • 2006 2nd place at the Israeli Nationals
  • 2009 Champion Mare at the Israeli Egyptian Cup

Al Hadiyah AA

(Laheeb x The Vision HG) Stallion/Grey/2005

  • 2005 Foal Champion at the Israeli Egyptian Event
  • 2005 Foal Champion at the Israeli Nationals
  • 2006 Junior Champion Colt at the Israeli Egyptian Event
  • 2006 Israeli National Champion Colt
  • 2008 Junior Champion Colt at the Austrian Nationals

2008 Junior Champion at the Asil Cup International, Germany

Al Raheb AA

(Laheeb x The Vision HG) Stallion/Grey/2006, Owned by Muchsan OnAllah

  • 2006 Foal Champion at the Israeli Egyptian Event
  • 2007 Junior Champion at the Galilee Arabian Horse Festival
  • 2007 Reserve Junior Champion at the Israeli Egyptian Event
  • 2007 Israeli Reserve National Champion Colt
  • 2008 Reserve Junior Champion at the Galilee Arabian Horse Show
  • 2009 Bronze Medal at the Israeli Nationals
  • 2009 Junior Champion at the Israeli Egyptian Event

Al Ayal AA

(Al Ayad x The Vision HG) Stallion/Grey/2008, Owned by Ariela Arabians and on lease to the Al Ayal Leasing Group

  • 2008 Colt Foal Champion at the Israeli Egyptian Event
  • 2008 Colt Foal Champion at the Israeli Nationals
  • 2009 Reserve Junior Champion at the International B-show Orientalica, Germany
  • 2009 Reserve Junior Champion at the Egyptian Europe Cup 2009, Orientalica - Germany
  • 2009 Reserve Champion at the Lowland Arabian Cup, The Netherlands
  • 2009 Bronze Medal champion at the Inter. B show, Strohen - Germany
  • 2009 Arabesque Egyptian Cup Junior Champion Colt, Germany
  • 2009 Reserve Junior Champion at the Kauber-Platte International show, Germany
  • 2009 Junior Champion at the Egyptian Event ofSharjah - UAE

Al Amir AA

(Al Ayad x The Vision HG) Stallion/Grey/2008, Owned by Ariela Arabians

Not yet shown