Carefree, Arizona (Get Directions)

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Carol Fensholt Nierenberg knew from the time she was drawing horses at age two that she was born be an equine fine artist.  But winning a Mademoiselle Magazine Guest Editorship as a college senior diverted her to New York City, where she was immediately offered an editorial position and spent the next 30 years there as an editor, publisher and publishing company executive and founder. Today, as owner with her husband, Stu Nierenberg, of Silver Box Southwest, a boutique Arabian/Baroque horse show/breeding farm in Carefree, AZ, she has returned her to her first love and passion –– sculpting the horses she cares for and closely observes every day.

To Carol, a fiery, expressive horse is nature's most exquisite form. It was just such equines in books and art –– the Godolphin Arabian in 'King of the Wind,' 'The Black Stallion,' Barye's 'Cheval Turc' and Schreyer's Bedouin war steeds –– that captured Carol's imagination as a child, and, years later, inspired her to sculpt. Always, she was fascinated by their expressive beauty –– the horse as eloquent speaker, in body language, on its own behalf, and ever ready to engage with teeth and hooves for hegemony, liberty, and posterity. Now, having left the New York publishing scene for the surreally beautiful scenery of the Sonoran Desert, in her Silver Box Studios each day she puts her heart, soul, talent and time into creating works of art that bring the motion and emotion of the Arabians and Baroque breeds she loves out of the desert, plains and paddocks into the home, where their extreme athleticism, expressive interactions, and wild, sometimes savage, beauty may be contemplated, appreciated, and savored at leisure.