The Lost Legend Trilogy

Learn the origin of the mystical bond between horses and humans in THE LOST LEGEND TRILOGY--a series of books that reminds the world of the essential role played by the horse in the civilization of the world.

In the Trilogy, author J. L. Hardesty (Jo West Lauter) takes the reader on an adventurous ride aboard God's beloved horse to the First Christmas and beyond. These are books that the whole family and readers of every age will enjoy.

Kevin Ludden, Editor of the Arabian Horse Times, has this to say about Book Three of the Trilogy, scheduled for release in February, 2009:

"Dawn Across The Mountains is another wonderful book from Jo Hardesty that speaks to the reader of the special bond existing between mankind and his equine companions. Bravo, Jo! You have done it--creating an exciting read that truly captures and expounds on the magic that defines the first two books of this magnificent trilogy." --Kevin Ludden, Editor, Arabian Horse Times

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