A Global Premier - Bahraini Arabian Horse Film “ A Pearl For the Ages”

Horsefly Films & Al Rashediah Stud Debut Bahraini Arabian Horse Film “ A Pearl For the Ages”

“A Pearl For the Ages” will premiere in Bahrain at the 2017 WAHO Conference and worldwide on iEquine.com on February 16th during the 62nd Annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show.

Ojai, CA, February 7th 2017

Celebrated equine filmmakers Horsefly Films proudly announce the premiere of their latest film “ A PEARL FOR THE AGES”, in collaboration with Al Rashediah Stud of Bahrain. Primarily filmed in Bahrain at Al Rashediah Stud, the Royal Stud of Bahrain and throughout the island kingdom, the film tells the illustrious history of the unique Bahraini Arabian Horse, alongside the story of Al Rashediah Stud’s emergence onto the world stage as passionate & visionary breeders.

A PEARL FOR THE AGES will premiere in Bahrain at the 2017 World Arabian Horse Organization (WAHO) Conference and worldwide on iEquine on February 16th.

Horsefly Films, comprised of filmmakers Jen Miller and Sophie Dia Pegrum, has long created epic films for clients worldwide throughout the Arabian Horse world, including their acclaimed film “PATH TO GLORY: The Rise & Rise of the Polish Arabian Horse”. Their Horsefly Films Rare Equine Trust has been lauded as the “Ken Burns of the horse world”, creating films focused on the unique bond between man and horse around the world throughout history. “The horse is a reminder of man’s loftier connection to nature.; they are an integral part of who we are, of who we became, and we owe our victories, our survival, our culture to the noble horse”, say the filmmakers.

This same spirit of discovery, history and enduring legacy pervades A PEARL FOR THE AGES, reminding viewers that Arabian horses have been the heart of Bahrain for over 4000 years, making Bahrain truly the Kingdom of the Horse. Horsefly Films states “ In ‘A Pearl For the Ages’ we offer a view into the deep equine past of a culture which thrived on pearl trade, and reveal Bahrain’s utterly unique desert-bred herds, ancient wellspring of Egyptian-strain Arabians. We are thrilled that thanks to Al Rashediah Stud and iEquine, Arabian Horse lovers worldwide will see this story”.

Modern breeders like Al Rashediah Stud have helped carry the rich legacy of the Arabian Horse forward, ensuring Bahrain’s enduring place in the firmament of great horse cultures. A PEARL FOR THE AGES, a gift bestowed by Al Rashediah Stud, is a joyful celebration that the Arabian horse will forever be Bahrain’s greatest treasure.

About Horsefly Films: Horsefly Films is an independent production company specializing in equine subject matter and producing documentaries, commercials and marketing films for horses and farms worldwide.

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