An Epic Night in Aachen !

The European Breeders Trust Would like to congratulate All Buyers, Sellers and Guests for making this First Edition an Unforgetable and Amazing Success for Europe and the entire Arabian Horse Community!

A Total Sale of Euro 1.065.000.

  • LOT 1: Embryo Right FT Shaella with FA El Rasheem Sold tu Al Saqran Stud for Euro 120.000.-
  • LOT 2: Julye El Justice Sold to Murad Awawdi for Euro 50.000.-
  • LOT 3: Embryo Right to Ava Sold to Al Shaqab Stud for Euro 25.000.-
  • LOT 6: Embryo Right to Valentinos Angel MI Sold to Sheikh Suliman for Euro 55.000.-
  • LOT 7: IS Et Tu Sold to Gerami Wejad for Euro 30.000.-
  • LOT 9: Priscilla OS Sold to Abhaa Arabians for Euro 160.000.-
  • LOT 10: Unborn Foal of Kareema Sakr by Al Adeed Al Shaqab Sold to Dubai Arabian Stud for Euro 80.000.-
  • LOT 12: BF Roxanne Sold to Al Thumama Stud for Euro 40.000.-
  • LOT 14: M.M. Enya Sold to Adel Falah for Euro 67.000.-
  • LOT 15: Embryo Right to Donna Molta Bella with FA El Rasheem Sold to Eriksa Arabians for Euro 230.000.-
  • LOT 16: Breeding to Marwan Al Shaqab Sold to De Cartherey Arabians for Euro 30.000.-

In Addition The European Breeders Trust is proud to announce the Total Amount auctioned for Charity of Euro 178.000 at the Charity Gala Evening on Friday Night:

  • First Breeding to FA El Rasheem Sold to Al Muawd Stud for Euro 22.000.- 
  • Embryo Right to Elle Flamenca with FA El Rasheem sold to and donated by Al Saqran Stud for Euro 85.000.- re-auctioned and solt to Al Owaidah Stud for Euro 50.000.- 
  • Second Breeding to FA El Rasheem Sold to Al Muawd Stud for Euro 21.000.-

A very Special thanks for Dubai Arabian Stud, Al Saqran Stud, Al Shaqab Stud and Al Thumama Stud for the generous Support