Heirloom Halters

Heirloom Arabian Halters offers unique, masterfully designed, limited edition halters, breastcollars and accessories. Heirloom designs are constructed from only the finest precious, semi-precious and costume gemstone jewelry, trims and garnishments.

Halters and breastcollars are machine reinforced and then handstitched to perfection.

Numerous layers of fabrics and trims are used, and a sturdy reinforced backing is added to make them very durable. Halters are fitted with large rings to accommodate any size show chain.

Unique to Heirloom is the use of costume or genuine gemstone jewelry from our prize collection or from yours. We can incorporate just about any piece of jewelry into your custom design. Some of our exclusive pieces have antique rhinestones, genuine pearls, gold beads, cufflinks, and lavish broaches. Some halters also features a signature "v-shaped" nose band with a teardrop gemstone for a real dramatic effect.

You can be assured that many hours of hard work and attention to every little detail went into the creation of your one-of-a-kind halter and breastcollar. Each piece produced is inspected and warranted against defects. Our Certificate of Authenticity assures 100% buyer satisfaction.

Some of the world's finest Arabian horses are now wearing Heirlooms including US National and Egyptian Event champions, treasured broodmares and precious foals.

One reason horse owners choose our designs is because they desire a high quality product that is durable, beautiful and unique. Heirloom designs are not mass produced, therefore no two halters or sets will ever be the same. Your Heirloom is not only a limited edition work of art, but also "a treasure to last forever".

Nancy Gates
Heirloom Arabian Halters - "A treasure to last forever"