, is an online horse show site designed to provide an alternative way for equestrians to compete and network with a global audience. Offering a revolutionary way to assess a horse and rider's readiness for competition, presents a unique opportunity to become part of a premier worldwide network of equestrians. With our advanced platform, gives members the ability to upload their riding videos and receive expert feedback - all from the convenience of one's own facility. Members have the ability to enter shows and upload their videos to be reviewed and judged by top professionals. With this unique online video format, Judges will provide each entrant a detailed scorecard, including a complete analysis with feedback, personalized comments and suggestions. welcomes all breeds, disciplines and experience levels to take part in a series of shows ranging from those judged by professionals, to more of a "fun" show, judged by other members of the community. Aside from learning experiences and gaining a competitive advantage, members of can collect ribbons, trophies, and cash prizes all from the comfort of their home. The average cost to participate in a show is $20.00, saving riders' time, money, and the hassles of traveling.'s team is a combination of both equestrians and technology experts. is funded by venture capital and led by seasoned entrepreneurs Jeff Sloan and Tony Castiglione and noted dressage expert Gil Merrick.