Select Breeders Services

Frozen semen means fewer hassles and less stress for you, your stallion and your mare owners.

With Select Breeders Services you can have a stock of high quality frozen semen ready to be shipped whenever and wherever needed. Frozen semen is a safer, less stressful and more efficient way to manage your stallion's breeding program. It allows better quality control, eliminates the stress of semen shipping and is the only way to access international markets. And with our industry leading distribution program all of the logistics are handled for you so that you can concentrate on promoting your stallion.

SBS is the largest provider of frozen semen services in the world, with unrivalled expertise accumulated over its 25 years leading the frozen semen industry. SBS has an affiliate network consisting of 14 equine reproduction laboratories, 7 in North America, 5 in Europe and 2 in Australia.

Each SBS lab uses state of the art equipment and standardized proprietary protocols, and maintains a quality control program unique to the industry. With more than 3,000 ejaculates frozen each year, over 100,000 doses in storage and 2,000 frozen semen shipments sent out annually, no one has more experience than SBS.

With Select Breeders Services you get frozen semen services and technology you can count on to be Safe, Simple, Sure.