Peach Creek Farm

Spicewood, Texas (get directions)
Phone: 512-264-3051

Carol Curran began breeding Arabian horses in 1978. The goal of Peach Creek Farm has always been to breed beautiful English Pleasure horses. She began seriously breeding when she purchased a mare at a LASMA sale named Basks Delight. Basks Delights dam, Gawra, was imported from Poland by LASMA. She was considered to be one of LASMA’s most treasured brood mares. Her daughter, Tomorrow’s Dream, and grand daughter Tymatka have been foundational to all of the program.

Dr. Eugene La Croix and Dick and Kay Latterson mentored Carol for many years, teaching her about pedigrees and the valuable lines from Poland. These were wonderful years for her, learning what bloodlines mixed best, and what to be careful not to do. Then she added the beautiful Ariston daughter, Aristo Brocade, which brought in bloodlines of Bask, Ariston, Comet, Arex, and Cytrys.

We now have offspring from these mares that carry the blood of Alladin, Afire Bey V, Medelion, Monopoly, Baske Afire, Specs Shockwave, The Nobelest, and After Shock. For Carol, breeding Arabian horses is her passion.

Owner: Carol Curran

Trainer: Tammy Peterson