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Petra Mette Nature & Animal Photography

Tallness, shining eyes under a long, flowing mane, a clue for loyalty, temperament and vitality. However, only this‚ can get involved' and a lot of empathy open the look for the true being of a horse.

To catch this magic of elegance, character and beauty in such a way that the varied facets of an animal on a photo are represented, is the passion of the nature photographer Petra Mette. Love to the nature, patience, many years' experience and a feel for the right moment are the credo of this photographer, who is freelance since 2006 under the label, Mette - Photography. She is working, all over the world. During the last years Petra Mette has specialized in photo presentations of horses and dogs. With a lot of love to the detail, Petra takes pictures for auctions, horse - shows, stud presentation and other animal presentations. Photos for magazines, favorite photos for room decoration or animal stories for Internet, her unmistakable animal-pictures show these animals in her natural sphere of theirs nicest side.

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Petra Mette
Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 23, 38518 Gifhorn Germany
Telefon: +49 5371 / 93 22 80
Mobil: +49 16090500914