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Haras Mayed - A Photo Journal

June 9th, 2008 • Arabhorse.com

DSC_5259.jpg DSC_5250.jpg DSC_5089.jpg DSC_4823.jpg DSC_4524.jpg DSC_3908.jpg DSC_3885.jpg DSC_2936.jpg DSC_2831.jpg DSC_2795.jpg DSC_1682.jpg _DSC3184.jpg DSC_2941.jpg _DSC2963.jpg _DSC2955.jpg _DSC1819.jpg _DSC1796.jpg _DSC1782.jpg _DSC1748.jpg DSC_2466.jpg DSC_5233.jpg
A beautiful photo journal of one of the most stunning farms in the Arabian Horse industry, Haras Mayed owned by Fernando & Joaquin de Santibanes of Buenos Aires Argentina. Photographed by Victor & Lori Ricigliano