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Simeon Shai 24th B-day Celebration

October 16th, 2008 •

Suzanne, Colleen, Ashley 4040 E.jpg Suzanne van Kollenburg *Simeon Shai+ *Simeon Shai+ *Simeon Shai+ *Simeon Shai+ *Simeon Shai+ *Simeon Shai+  - Whooohoo! Simeon Shai *Simeon Shai+  - On his way to the presentation ring! Shaia+  - She remembers the cues! Shaia+ Shaia+  - With Bruce Clark Suncatcher SMF - by BB Thee Renegade x Shaia+ Suncatcher SMF Shai Elation Shai Elation  - Ten year old straight Egyptian gelding owned by Dr. Rex and Christine Wang. Om El Shadream Om El Shadream - by Dreamcatcher SMF x Om EL Shadina Nightstar SMF  - by BB Thee Renegade x Shaia+ Nejd Queen SMF Bint Example  - By Dreamcatcher SMF x Example, dam of El Perfecto senior sire at SES Planes in Spain. Jade Lotus SMF Jade Lotus Jade Lotus Jade Lotus  - Know at the farm as J.LO because of her attitude! By Ali Saroukh x Imdals Jade by Imperial Imdal Ali Sadiid  - By Ali Saroukh x Shaia+ with Emily Devers, SMF Farm Manager Presentation ring Christie  Metz  - Presentation time Flowers from friends and SMF trophys Delilah SMF  - By *Simeon Shai out of Dance Diva by Raquin RA David, are you ever not on the phone? Bill Porcher, Christie, Barbara and Lauren Porcher Caesar - Gerry Alexander's Chiweenie sitting with Sylvia Linn *Simeon Shai+ - Greeting the guests at the luncheon and for his toast wearing the National Champion ribbons *Simeon Shai+  - Ron with Shai Christie and Gerry with Shai - Shai always touches my heart and many others too. Simeon Shai  - Christie, Gerry, Ron, Shai, Emily and Bruce Shai on the wat to the luncheon for his tribute  toast Ron with Christie and Henry Ron Palalek of Vantage Point Farm
showed Shai to his quatro crown Bruce A Toast in tribute to Shai by Bruce Clark original Shai Alliance member Henry  - Welcomes our guests and reads the card from Marion Richmond to Shai! Ann Marie Linn  - SMF Office Manager and Christie's sister Photographer Kimerlee Curyl, photo by photogrpaher Richard T. Bryant Gerard Paty with daughter Brennen, she wanted birthday cake!!! Christine Bruce of HB Arabians Is there going to be a toast? Luncheon in Anne Marie's backyard; one of Christie's five sisters Dr. Jody Cruz and Dr. Karen Fong of Rancho Bulenkenyo Cory  Soltau 4058 E.jpg 4071 E.jpg 4055 E.jpg Buffet time! Sheila Morgan with Tom Christie and Gerry Kelly Elm of Arroyo with Christie Metz arranging the Shai wall featuring progeny of Shai and stories from owners. Mario and Antonia Arroyo of Arroyo Arabians Viewing Shai memorabilia and visiting with friends  Kris and Kathy Penner with their friend Wendy Presentation Folders Cory and Joan Palelek More friends from northern California Christie greeting Mich Irwin of Michigan Tiffany, Jennifer, Daniel Scmidt with David Cains of Stonewall Farm Sign up - Meet and Greet between friends Kimerlee Curyl  - Sidon SMF  (Ali Saroukh x Shaboura by PVA Kariim) yearling colt Fall at SMF
Simeon Shai 24th B-day Celebration

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