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"Lucky" is when the totally unplanned and unknown drop into your lives and change it in wonderful ways you never imagined.  Our Arabian horse "adventure" has been just this transformative.  From John's first Scottsdale Arabian Show in the 1950's; to more recent shows these past few years — we were both smitten with the artistic, exotic, andethereal nature of the Arabian horse.  The regal majesty and personable affection these animals proffer is just different.  In the ring the Arabian horse has the ability to bring tears to your eyes and to literally take your breath away; and a"snuffling" baby tugging on your shirt will melt your heart.  

We have been oh-so fortunate to be coached into the business of Arabian horse breeding and investment by some of the top people in this industry, some of which are referenced in this website.  How lucky to have these resources right here in the Phoenix Valley; home to many of the best Arabian horse operations in the world.  Our new found passion for the Arabianhorse also coincides with other changes in our lives that allowed us to take on the responsibility of investment, breeding, care and training of our Arabian "portfolio".  We are indeed very fortunate to have arrived at the right time in our lives; the right place here in Arizona, and surrounded by the right people to guide us.

This website documents and shares our journey as owners and breeders; our objective is to breed, acquire, train and offer a selection of horses representing only the best of the best Arabian bloodlines:  and to have lots of fun doing what we love!  

Owner: Debra and John Mitchell