Kehilan Arabians

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Phone: 817-443-6124
Mobile: (817) 821-7846
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Nestled along the Trinity River in Fort Worth, Texas lies a magical place. Lush coastal pastures dotted with oak trees shelter a group of very special horses at Kehilan Arabians. Exquisite faced foals frolic in the pastures representing over thirty years of breeding passion and dedication. Drawing from a palette of bloodlines much as an artist would use colors - Kehilan has woven together the finest in Egyptian Arabian bloodlines with an emphasis on Sameh, *Morafic and Imperial Madheen to create a gorgeous, expressive Arabian full of the charisma and extreme type sought after in the breed. One of the only breeding programs in the World to concentrate on linebreeding Sameh bloodlines, Kehilan has studiously selected the best traits of the Sameh horses; balance, symmetry, strength, intelligence, motion and charisma and combined it with bloodlines that have added beauty, grace, vitality, elegance and refinement. The result is an Arabian of extreme type and classical proportions, that dances with tail held high and with luminous eyes reflecting the magic of the ages.