Midwest Training Center

The Midwest facility is home to quite a menagerie; it is a veritable paradise for all creatures great and small. No expense is spared when it comes to the care of these animals we love so much. Every possible amenity is in use to ensure the comfort of the creatures God has entrusted to us.

Midwest and its Breeding, Training and Marketing divisions are the quintessential result of dedication, hard work and dreams of a family. The special horses in their care represent their goals, their dreams, their recreation and quite possibly, the very air they breathe.  While engaging in a first class marketing program is as monumental an undertaking as campaigning a national champion, Midwest has more than met the challenge and become the world's foremost marketing leader, importer, and exporter of Arabian horses.  Considered a vital cog in the prosperousness of the Arabian horse industry, Midwest has an unsurpassed national and international record in the marketing of Arabian horses. 

Phone: 763.441.6466
Mobile: 612.328.8312
Owner: David Boggs