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Om El Arab Open House
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June 9th, 2018

Following the success at the Arabian Breeders World Cup, the party moved west to the spectacular valley of Santa Ynez, California. There family and friends - some old and some new - gathered to enjoy delicious food and wine while viewing some extraordinary Arabian horses.

First came, “The Beauties" This group consisted of young mares and fillies. For many, the highlight of the group was the exquisite Om El Excella, dam of Om El Erodite, the filly that instantly became world-famous when Ms. Patricia Dempsey of Beloveds Farm purchased her at the Marquise Auction in February 2017. Almost immediately, Erodite was named ABWC Supreme Gold Champion Yearling Filly and later, she was named Salon du Cheval World Bronze Champion Yearling Filly. Erodite’s latest win earned her the title of ABWC Supreme Gold Champion Junior Mare.

Creating a breeding program is much the same as creating a masterpiece of art. Layers upon layers of colors, characters, experience, vision, and faith, go into each piece. Breeders, like artists, must follow their hearts and their vision in order to create their ideal horse. Often, this determination and focus can be seen as eccentric. But only the artist can bring their vision to life. Sigi Siller established the Om El Arab vision, which she shared with her daughter, Janina Merz, on a very deep level. Working together, traveling together, and living together, created a unison of thought, feeling and expression for this mother-daughter team. Now that Janina is guiding the program in to the next generation, she brings her own unique heart and soul to the process. And if the results are reflections of Janina’s heart, then they will be exquisitely beautiful...

Om El Arab has always been about excellence, diversity, and inclusion. Over the years, the quest for excellence has led to diverse stallions being  welcomed to the farm. Today, a group of stallions stand at Om El Arab, and the common thread that ties them all together is their individual excellence. Each is unique and offers breeders something special for their mare. Enjoy the photos of the historic and influential farm we know as Om El Arab and the horses that call this paradise home...