DUBAI ARABIAN STUD - Best Breeder Menton 2020
D JAHRA'A - Menton Silver Champion
D FANNAN - Menton Silver Champion
Happy Independence Day from!
D FANNAN - Menton 2020
D JAHRA'A - Menton 2020
Aljassimya Farm offers a Scottsdale and Vegas winner
Keep Our Horse Community Safe
Happy Memorial Day from!
Eid Mubarak from Royal Arabians
Diamonds are Forever.  Come and find yours at Aljassimya Farm.
Ramadan Mubarak from Royal Arabians
Ramadan Mubarak from!
Ramadan Mubarak from Lisa Abraham!
Beauty by Exxalt...
Let's Work Together ...
Show Your Horse and Show Your Support for the Arabian Horseman's Distress Fund
Save the date for the US Edition of the Aljassimya Online Show 17th- 19th April !
Extremely special offerings from Psynergy Equine...
Aljassimya Farm - Launching the Completely Online Show !
NEW ADDITION to the 2020 AHBA Futurity Auction
ENDS TODAY - 2020 AHBA Futurity Auction
ENDS TOMORROW - 2020 AHBA Futurity Auction
Aria Impression Filly
Aljassimya Farm has lots for you to look at !
3 DAYS LEFT - 2020 AHBA Futurity Auction
Dubai Arabian Horse Stud Winners | Dubai Show 2020
5 DAYS LEFT - 2020 AHBA Futurity Auction
AHBA Futurity Auction..Time is Running Out!
The Royal Ascension of Australia's GOLDEN Girl | VENECIA MI Joins Akmal Stud
AHBA Futurity Auction...FINAL WEEK
Stock up while you still can at Aljassimya Farm !
PURE BEAUTY - 2020 AHBA Futurity Auction
BEAUTIFUL FUTURE - 2020 AHBA Futurity Auction
Regrettably - 2020 World Cup Show is CANCELLED
THE FUTURE IS MONEY - 2020 AHBA Futurity Auction