ALL NATIONS CUP CHAMPIONSHIPS NEWS, Saturday, September 26, 2015

ALL NATIONS CUP CHAMPIONSHIPS NEWS, Saturday, September 26,,2015

by Beth Ellen Hunziker

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The Aachen and All Nations Cup experience has been fantastic. The horses are the highest level of quality I have ever witnessed. In years past, the horses at the U.S. Nationals and Scottsdale have been exceptional and now, for the past ten years, the Arabian Breeders World Cup, with all of the international competitors, has elevated the quality we see in the States to yet another level. I mean no disrespect to exhibitors at American shows, but you simply must experience the European show ring, and breeding farms, to understand that there is a special difference. I believe it is the variety and numbers in Europe, which attribute to the high level of quality, and also to the European esthetic – appreciation of beauty is called style and they have it here at Aachen, like I have never seen before.


Another aspect of the show that I noticed and have really appreciated is the cooperation and sense of camaraderie. If someone needs a ladder, their neighbor offers theirs; if someone needs help hanging a photo, their friend assists them; when it’s time to relax after the classes, friends gather to talk about the day, the horses, the judges, you get the picture… but it’s very much a sense of community – not elitist cliques – but breeders, owners, trainers, grooms, everyone is welcome and I must say, it’s rather refreshing.


I experienced the sense of cooperation at the top and by that, I mean with the President of ECAHO, Jaroslav Lacina. He invited me to sit with him and his lovely wife and watch the stallion classes. I gladly accepted Jaroslav’s invitation because I had met him when he judged the Arabian Breeders World Cup two years ago and found him to be a very insightful and positive person who is passionate about the Arabian horse and the international community.


During our time together, we talked about the World Cup and other shows in the U.S. and Europe and the unique aspects of each. Jaroslav is also the main organizer of the Prague Cup in his homeland of the Czech Republic. We also revisited a topic we discussed at dinner one evening at the World Cup and that is the idea of a standardized system of rules for judging and showing and organizing competitions.

The thought is to establish basic rules and criteria, but to also allow countries to modify or establish additional regulations that conform to their specific needs. One set of rules cannot suit every country, but a basic set of rules would bring a level of continuity to the international community. The keys to accomplishing this goal are cooperation, respectful discussions, zero personal agendas, and open minds to the possibilities of working together for the global good of our breed. It may sound like a vast undertaking, yet, talking with Jaroslav Lacina, it seems like a very really possibility, if we can work together.


Seeing all the people at the All Nations Cup; people from Europe, the Middle East, The United States, South America and Australia, it shows what can be accomplished when we come together to celebrate the Arabian horse and it is WONDERFUL!


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