Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show News for Friday, February 12, 2016

Today’s Official Scottsdale Daily News is sponsored by Markel Insurance. Markel is also sponsoring opportunities for education including a seminar in partnership with the Pyramid Society. The schedule is as follows: 10:30 a.m. Seminar – Part A: The Straight Egyptian Horse and Its Global Influence Today, led by international Arabian horse expert Scott Benjamin together with panelists Tara Carpio, Ted Carson, Shawn Crews, Allison Mehta, and Becky Rogers. The seminar will be held in the Al Jassimya International Arena in the South Hall.

11:45 a.m. Social in the Patrons Lounge: Please join us. Space is limited. Please RSVP: e-mail: kdouglas@ or stop by and visit the Markel Booth 34 & 35, which is on the southwest corner of the commercial exhibit hall.

Competition begins in the Al Jassimya International Arena at 1:00 P.M. and will feature Straight Egyptian & Egyptian Heritage Arabian Horses shown in hand.

Immediately Following the Classes: Seminar - Part B: The Straight Egyptian Horse and Its Global Influence Today. Live horses used to show the unique traits of the Straight Egyptian Arabians discussed in the morning seminar.

Stop by the Markel Booth 34 & 35 in the exhibit hall and speak to one of these knowledgeable professionals; Kimberly Douglas, Manager of Arabian Practices, Phyllis LaMalfa, Tami George, Pagan Gilman, Lisa Seger or Deb Witty about your insurance needs or visit the website at: www.

Another special event at the show today will be the Behind the Scenes Barn Tours begin at 10:00 am. Meet at the Barn Tour Office in the North Hall. This your chance to see some of the top Arabian horses in the world up close and personal. These are guided tours that offer you VIP access to the barns and stables area. It’s a lot fun for the whole family.

There will be something exciting and interesting for everyone at the show on Friday – especially youth and families. The day begins with youth performance classes in the AutoNation Ford Equidome Arena, Open and Adult Amateur performance classes in the Al Shahania Wendell Arena, Reining and western horsemanship for youth and adults in the Wells Fargo Advisors Reining Arena and all day, there will be the most classic competition of all, the dressage classes, which will be held at the Markel Insurance Arenas 6 & 7. Classes will continue throughout the afternoon and there will be evening classes only for youth in the AutoNation Ford Equidome Arena starting at 6:00 pm.


There is a very special bond between children of all ages and the Arabian horse. These horses are best friends, confidants, courage boosters, teammates, partners, babysitters and more. Yesterday’s classes for youth owners and handlers included novice amateurs to some very accomplished young equestrians. You could see the hope and determination as they entered the areas, and you could see the look of pride and accomplishment when the left, knowing they and their beautiful, kind, gentle Arabian horse did their very best. It’s not just about the ribbons, it’s also about having fun with your friends and family and learning some very important lessons along the way. Here in Scottsdale there are many farms that offer riding lessons in every performance division – from English to hunt, to western and reining – Scottsdale has it all. Check out the Scottsdale Guides that are available all around the show grounds to find the names of farms near you.


Here is a tip to be able to enjoy the show even more… if you have a question about an aspect of the show, ask questions. I think you will find people are pretty nice and willing to share their passion for the Arabian horse. Who knows – maybe you will be the one showing here next year! See you ring side.


Thanks to the official show photographers, Howard Schatzberg/Rick Osteen Photography. Be sure to stop by the booth to order your Scottsdale photos.