Arabian Horse Organization - AHO

منظمة الجواد العربي ،، في خدمة مربّي الخيل العربية الأصيلة
AHO .. in the service of Arabian horses breeders

The AHO organization of Arabian Horses was established in 2010. Its founding members are among others, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia.

The Mission:
For centuries, men have devoted their lives breeding and selecting a horse whose beauty and qualities have been a source of inspiration. Today the AHO wants to give the breeders the opportunity to continue this crucial work so that the outstanding purebred Arabian can keep on shining.

During 2012 the Arabian Horse Organisation together with Arabian Horse Event staged three Qualifying Shows and the Breeders Championship for Arabian Horses in Europe with over 300 horses competing. The Qualifying Shows were held in St. Tropez, Berlin and Warsaw. The big Championship Finale then took place in Deauville at the venue of the Pôle Equestre International.