Aljassimya Farm Online Horse Shows 2020


by Staff
April 16th, 2020

by Emma Maxwell:
The idea of the online show was initially raised by Robin Hopkinson and Michel Reboulaz ( and my non horsey partner !) at  the same time as the Covid-19 lockdown started to take hold  and sh
ows were cancelled across the world.  I think everyone knew that Sheikh Jassim is always at the forefront of delivering new ideas and he very quickly gave the  go ahead for Arabian Insider to create the event with Aljassimya Farm on March 20th. The first show went online in Italy on 3rd April.  With no entry fee and all sponsorship money delivered straight to the charity, nearly 50 000 euros was raised by that event for Northern Italian hospitals.  
It has been a challenge and we probably have a 3km long WhatsApp thread creating the event from different rooms in different countries, with Francesca Aragno in a Doha hotel, Michel and the Insider team in Italy, me in the UK and Robin in California  but it's been a fantastic way to bring the Arabian horse community together in these times.  
We look forward to the US event starting at 9 am Pacific Time on Friday with the Female classes, which we estimate will take 3 hours - the Male classes on Saturday and the Championships on Sunday. all starting at the same time.   it has been a very short preparation time but we have some beautiful entries and have just launched the "Donate" button on the Arabian Horseman's Distress Fund.  Thank you to everyone who has entered, donated their time, sent us content for the TV show around the horse show.
We welcome you all to watch and enjoy as an act of solidarity with each other at this difficult time !"