An Important Passing - Vona Sher-Renea


by Staff
March 16th, 2019

An Important Passing 

Vona Sher-Renea
1989 - 2019 
A daughter of El Sher-Mann and Renea.
Born in 1989 wearing the color grey 
Vona was bred by Vona Huggins 
Resided in Scottsdale at Stonewall Farm with David Cains 
In the grand world of Arabian horses and their caretakers, once you are known as the mother of the legendary sire WH Justice and full brother Kingsman SWF, you need not do another thing but simply enjoy life along with your very rare status. And that is exactly what Vona Sher-Renea did. She stopped often to smell the roses. One of the most touching roles she played was an Ambassadress with the young Chase Cains and his friends. Vona's sweet nature and Arabian smarts made her an excellent playmate for her many little friends. Vona loved the special attention and gentle loving care she got from Chase and his friends. She made many special appearances in videos for Chase's Youtube channel and was a favorite with all who visited Stonewall Farm. 
Her brilliant son WH Justice, a flea bitten grey with a bloody shoulder, is one of the greatest international sires ever to grace our beloved breed. Like his dam in-part, this exquisite son of Vona Sher-Renea has traveled the world as a breed Ambassador while covering mares and fathering a blanket of new show ring sensations. Not only has he travelled as a sire in demand but as an ethereal entry in some of the top shows worldwide such as the All Nations Cup in Aachen just a few years back. The Champion Maker as he is affectionately called left the ring as Gold Champion. He has made his mother proud. 
WH Justice is not her only child to direct the limelight in the direction of the Vona Sher-Renea family as her golden chestnut boy, Kingsman SWF, is doing the same yet he is much younger than his brother. Kingsman SWF is airing some near-perfect foals draped in the family beauty of their sire. He will miss his mom since they both called Stonewall home.
Yesterday was a sad day for Vona Sher-Renea's family including David & Chase Cains and her breeder Vona Huggins.  Their playful and high-achieving best friend departed on another leg of her journey leaving an aching hole in the fabric of Stonewall Farm.  
Vona was two months shy of her thirtieth Birthday. 
Carry on our valiant gal.