by Beth Hunziker
August 24th, 2015



Imagine if you can a vision of the most lush, beautiful and abundant land possible. Imagine that place filled with exquisite Arabian horses – stallions, mares and foals prancing for the sheer joy of the life they enjoy. Giacomo Capacci, one of the most respected and successful Arabian horsemen in the world, has brought that imaginary vision to life. Even at his youthful age, Giacomo has accomplished more than many people twice his years and it all began with his dream to live and work with Arabian horses.  

On Wednesday, June 17th, 2015, Giacomo Capacci welcomed an intimate group of international guests to his beautiful farm in Cortona, Italy to celebrate his victories at the recent Menton Arabian Horse Championships and the ten-year anniversary of his business, Giacomo Capacci Arabians. Breeders and owners, royal representatives, publishers, artists and writers; many of the most influential people of the Arabian horse community from around the world gathered to celebrate with Giacomo Capacci and his team.

As guests arrived and saw the elegant décor and exciting party atmosphere, they felt they were about to witness something very special; something truly spectacular was about to happen. The air was full of excitement and anticipation. The guests mingled and enjoyed the festive tents, white linens, colorful flowers, sparkling crystal and delicious refreshments. The elegant atmosphere was warm and inviting – it was the epitome of Italian hospitality. Giacomo and his team had magically created a lavish fantasy scene – like something from a movie, a play or a novel – it was the perfect setting to present a group of horses no one could imagine – not even in their dreams.

The spectacular Arabian horses that call Giacomo Capacci Arabians their home represent the finest breeding programs in the world. Among the star-studded stallions are legends of the breed and their heirs. Most important of all, the stallions who reside at GCA offer uncompromising quality, as well as proven abilities to sire champions and champion producers. To say that among the stallions at GCA are the most important sires of this generation is an extremely bold statement. However, it is true - and, it was substantiated by a presentation that has never been seen before, and will very likely never be witnessed again.

Giacomo, Michelle and their team warmly welcomed their guests, and then, with perfect precision and timing, the most amazing presentation of horses began. It was like an orchestrated concert. The horses were brought out by groups of families so everyone could see and understand the evolution of the generations these champions were producing. Each horse brought out added to the awe-inspiring experience. National champions, international champions – champions from Menton, the Nations Cup and the World Championships of Paris – it was clear to all that the horses at Giacomo Cappaci were the crème de la crème, the finest of the breed.

Again, at just the right time, a short break was announced in order to welcome a special guest of honor for the grand finale – Andrea Bocelli, the international mega superstar and dearly beloved Italian tenor, recording artist and singer-songwriter. Andrea shares a passion for horses and when a beautiful Arabian foal was brought to him to touch, genuine joy illuminated his face. Andrea moved his hands all over the foal – face, neck, shoulders – even its back. The foal behaved very well, standing and allowing Andrea’s gentle touch. The love was clear for all to see. The emotion of the moment was overwhelming – but there was more – the spectacular finale.

The title of World Champion at the Salon du Cheval is the highest possible award for an Arabian horse; very few will ever achieve this stature. The honor of this prestigious title sets them above all others and forever earns them a place in history. They are revered as the very best of the best.  Now, the guests of Giacomo Cappaci had the unrivaled privilege to stand in the presence and to witness greatness as never before.

In the glorious golden moments of dusk, in the beautiful Tuscan twilight, an epic experience unfolded as the eight World Champions at Giacomo Capacci were brought out. One by one, they were presented, until they stood as a glorious group, each one an extraordinary example of the incomparable beauty, grace and nobility of the Arabian breed…

ZT Sharuby (ZT Sharello x ZT Bint Ruby) 2002 Gold World Champion, owned by Al Shaqab.

Minwah (Kahil Al Shaqab x LC Primavera) 2013 Gold World Champion, owned by Al Jassymya Farm.

Wadee Al Shaqab (Marwan Al Shaqab x OFW Mishaahl) 2012 Gold World Champion, bred and owned by Al Shaqab.

EKS Alihandro (Marwan Al Shaqab x OFW Psylhouette) 2013 Unanimous Gold World Champion, owned by Atbha Stud.

Kahil Al Shaqab (Marwan Al Shaqab x OFW Mishaahl) 2014 and 2011 Gold World Champion, bred and owned by Al Shaqab.

Fadi Al Shaqab (Besson Carol x Abha Myra) 2013 Gold World Champion, bred and owned by Al Shaqab

Marwan Al Shaqab (Gazal Al Shaqab x Little Liza Fame) 2008, 2002 and 2001 Gold World Champion, bred and owned by Al Shaqab

Gazal Al Shaqab (Anaza El Farid x Kajora) 2001 World Champion, bred and owned by Al Shaqab

Everyone felt the raw power of these majestic animals as they vied for the guests’ attention and admiration. The magic of the historic moment inspired spontaneous applause from the people as they crowded to get a closer look. Words such as, “stunning, unbelievable, amazing, impossible and unforgettable,” were murmured, while cameras flashed like the paparazzi at a Cannes red carpet film debut. But of course, why not? These are the celebrities, the royalty of the Arabian breed!

Like all good things, the presentation of the world champions came to an end. One by one, they left, until the great one, Gazal Al Shaqab, the progenitor of many of these World Champions remained. Gazal deserved the spotlight for himself – even for a moment - before he too was led back to the peace and quiet of his stable.

The presentation was completed, but the celebration continued with lively spirits, a five-star dining experience, great music and more conversation. The guests lingered until long after the delicious dinner, talking about the spectacle they had witnessed. It seemed they didn’t want the evening to ever end. Everyone - the horses, visitors and clients – all enjoyed the good vibes, the fun and the relaxed atmosphere that Giacomo, Michelle and the staff created for this unforgettable celebration commemorating the Ten Year Anniversary of Giacomo Capacci Arabians – and a dream come true.