It’s Almost Here!


by Lisa Abraham
May 24th, 2015

It’s Almost Here!

The 2015 US Egyptian Event:

 “Stallions: Kings of the Nile”

By Lisa Abraham


The 2015 US Egyptian Event, “Stallions: Kings of the Nile,” marks the 35th anniversary of this historic and globally important show. From June 2-6, guests will arrive not only from all over the United States, but from various international destinations as well. The eblasts announcing EE contenders and guests are arriving in our inboxes providing an exciting sneak peak at some of the horses we can look forward to seeing.

On a personal note, I was excited to learn that Michael Byatt will be bringing Sabeh Al Salhiyah (Ansata Nile Echo X Mareeka), Fahad Al Rayyan (Sinan Al Rayyan X Noof Al Rayyan) and Phaaros (ZT Faar'iq X Bint Atallah)—WHAT A LINE UP! Michael, who has long supported the Straight Egyptian horse, shared, “People will get a thrill out of seeing these stallions and I hope our presentations will be a throwback to the great presentations of the past, such as the ones by Ansata and Gleannloch.”

Although anticipating the lineup of horses is thrilling, it has often been said that the US Egyptian Event is more than a horse show—and it is. Despite the fact that the show is first and foremost a global showcase for the Straight Egyptian horse, it is far more akin to a family reunion. For Egyptian Breeders, this early week in June is the most important one of the year. Participants plan not only work vacations to ensure availability, but also the timing of breeding decisions, so that foaling does not pose any scheduling conflicts.

The beautiful Kentucky Horse Park, in Lexington, continues to be the home of this prestigious show.This park whose history is rooted in thoroughbred racing, became the property of the state of Kentucky in 1978. At the time it was the only public park in the world dedicated to man’s relationship with the horse. The KHP hosted the 2010 World Equestrian Games and is home to the prestigious Kentucky Rolex Three Day Event-which is one of only six international events that competes at this top level. Furthermore,there is no doubt that this beautiful and picturesque venue contributes to attracting some of the industry’s most important photographers, ensuring thorough international coverage.

It is particularly exciting for me to announce that the 2015 exclusive 35th Anniversary Signature Sponsor is Judi Sirbasku of Arabians LTD. Through the years, Judy’s  contribution and support of this show has been enormous. Not only has she bred and owned many of the horses competing each year, but she represents a strong client base as well. It is also important to note that an impressive number of Pyramid Society members and SE breeders were initially introduced to this breed through the efforts of Judy, her late husband Jim and Arabians LTD.


As the US EE is a gathering of SE breeders from all over the world, it is a prime opportunity to share information. Not only is The Pyramid Society's commitment to education unprecedented, but also, its dedication has been an example for other shows. Through the years, a myriad of subjects have been covered including: genetics, horse care and handling, state of the industry and historic and/or influential bloodlines.

This year’s lineup of seminars are both exciting and relevant. On Wednesday (June 3rd) Kory Wilcox and Augusta Hammock (The Hadassah Reserve) present, “Harnessing the Power of Social Media and Web Advertising.” On Thursday (June 4), Susan Harris will present “Anatomy in Motion: The Visible Horse.”  In this unique demonstration, Susan will present the muscles and skeletal structure of the horse in-motion, in all gaits. On Friday, Joe Ferris will present “Stallions: Kings of The Nile.” This presentation will contain information regarding the historical significance of the horses in our pedigrees. As our knowledge of the past helps us make better choices for our future, this lecture will reveal priceless, usable information.

Youth Activities

Three years ago Melinda Jeffries (Jeffries Arabian Center) and Jillian Whitlow (Empire Egyptians) joined forces to start a program with the purpose of teaching the youth of our community about horses through organized activities throughout the show. Melinda shared, “As parents of young children, Jillian and I have a vested interest in educating our kids about the various subject concerning the Egyptian Arabian horse and our lives with them.  Our goal is to promote and cultivate the youth to have the knowledge and leadership skills to be the next generation of ambassadors, breeders and participants of The Pyramid Society. We focus on well-rounded knowledge of basic horsemanship and camaraderie through fun and enjoyable youth activities.

“Being on the ground floor of this program has been exciting as we have seen it gain momentum each year. It is our hope that, as this continues to flourish, these children will literally grow up in The Pyramid Society.”  The “Youth Tent,” which will be located on the veranda among the vendor booths, will be the meeting place for all youth activities.  It will also have a schedule of all activities to be offered thought out the show.

For further information contact: Melinda Jeffries at –or—Jillian Whitlow at


The annual Gala, which will be on Friday evening, June 5th, promises to be another memorable evening. For the first time this elegant occasion will take place at The Historic Spindletop Hall, just minutes from the Kentucky Horse Farm. Spindletop Hall’s roots are deep in Lexington history, despite the fact that its builders were considered “new money” and were therefore never accepted by the community. In 1925, Miles Yount and his wife Patsy, after striking it rich with oil at Spindletop Field in Beaumont Texas, established Spindletop Farm in Lexington, with a herd of American Saddlebred horses. 

Taken from the Spindletop website, “The house was to be a showplace of Kentucky, a modern mansion of classical architecture. The mansion consisted of 40 rooms, 14 bathrooms, 133 full size exterior and interior doors, 102 windows with screens of copper and 11 fireplaces.  There are over 45,000 square feet of floor space and at the time of construction, the circular staircase and 30 X 60 foot living room were the largest in Kentucky.” Among many other amenities, the property sat on over 1000 acres, had over seven miles of metal fencing and eighteen barns. However, in 1959, after life changes, Pasty, who was then on her third husband, sold the farm to the University of Kentucky. In 1962, Spindletop Hall became the residence of the U of K Faculty, Staff and Alumni Club—whose roster contains of over 1000 members. There is little doubt that Spidletop Hall will add an element of highbrow Kentucky charm to what is sure to be an enchanting evening.

Gayle Mailloux (Two Silos Farm), has been the Gala Chair now for three years. She shared, “Of course we are here for the horses, but there is an element about the Event that has nothing to do with trophies or ribbons, it is about friendship.  Friday night we let it all go and just enjoy EACH OTHER. It's my one night of the year I take time for the gracious moments, some serious one-on-one time, and the fun of changing out jeans for sequins. Gala night is my night!”

The Gala is also the evening for the Premier Fine Art Auction. Last year was an exceptionally exciting time as items from the historic Gleannloch Farms were auctioned off. Although everything brought in top prices, it is notable that the halter that Nazeer wore was sold for 230,000 (USD), while Morafic’s brought in 50,000—both won by Mr. Mohammed Al Marzouq (KUWAIT). Among a select group, the 2015 Premier Auction will include a Shary B. Akers orgional, which was likely her last, an origional by Ali Almimar as well a trip to Australia.  Preview these items in the Art Auction area, along with the treasure-trove of showcase items, which include some unique items, generously gifted by the family of Les and Lois St. Clair.

 Reservation for the Gala can be made on line:

Also included in the week’s schedule are many other exciting opportunities. The Progressive Barn Parties, which take place on Thursday evening (June 4) after classes, will be a boots and jeans  kinda’ night. As show guests happily trek from barn-to-barn, either on foot or by golf cart, they will be treated to food & drinks and, of course, horse presentations! This is sure to be an evening of relaxed, unbridled fun! 

The Heir Apparent, which will take place on Thursday (June 4), will be a great chance to see the some of the SE community’s available sires. In honor of the show’s theme, “Kings of the Nile,” enrolled SE stallions of three years of age and up will be presented in an open exhibition. Not only will each stallion be presented individually, but attendees will have the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with these stallions on the arena floor.

And finally, what might be considered a highlight for many, the Egyptian Breeders’ Challenge Stallion Breeding Auction!  Auctioned off will be breedings to stallions enrolled in the current Egyptian Breeders’ Challenge Auction. The resulting foals from the breedings generated from this auction are then eligible to participate in the lucrative EBC classes as yearlings. Additionally, it is also an opportunity to purchase breedings to certain enrolled stallions whose stud books are not open. There will some great, even once-in-a-lifetime, breeding opportunities—SO BRING YOUR CHECKBOOKS!

The competition Classes begin on Tuesday (June 2) and continue to the Championships, which will take place on Saturday (June 6). As horses and guests will be attending from all over the world, this will be a Competition to remember. The 2015 international panel of judges include: Manfred Hain (GERMANY), Talal Al Mehri (KUWAIT), Richard Petty (USA) and Ferdinand Schwesterman (SWITZERLAND). While the 2015 exclusive Trophy and Ribbon Sponsor will be Al Rayyan Farm (QATAR).

The Pyramid Society warmly welcomes you this historic show of worldwide importance. There will be many opportunities for fun, enjoyment and education—some planned, some will happen naturally on their own and there will even be some surprises. Your suitcase should include the following: boots, hats, t-shirts & jeans, (for women) sequins & heals and (for men) “studly duds.” So come along, meet SE breeders and enthusiasts from around the world and participate in what is sure to be a memorable experience.

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Lisa Abraham is an International Journalist and Photographer from the United States. Although she does free-lance for various media, her primary dedication is to as a Premier Contributor and Representative. She is also a breeder of Straight Egyptian Arabians.