Official Scottsdale Daily News - February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day to all! You could feel the love at the Scottsdale horse show! For all of us, it it the love of the horse that brings us together and it is a love that has stood the test of time. As I have beed meeting and talking with people about the show, many have commented on how the show has changed over the years. They reminiced about their first time attending the show and it was incredible that for many, it was 20, 30, and even 40 years ago. Equally fun and interesting is talking with people who are attending the show for the very first time. Their excitement and enthusiasm is contageous - just like our passion for the Arabian horse. So I encourage everyone - share the love!

Making my way from one show arena to another, allows me to cover a lot of ground, and meet a lot of people in between. The Al Shahania Wendell Arena was the spot to be to watch the Scottsdale Classic Amateur to Handle Classes and Breeders Cup championship classes, which are also Amateur to Handle. These classes provide a very important opportunity for owners and breeders to work with and compete with their horses. You can see just how much fun they have and the pride they have in presenting their horses. There were more dressage and reining classes as well as Western Trail. These classes really show not only the athletic ability of the Arabian horse, but also their tractability. If they trust you they will go anywhere with you! In the AutoNation Ford Equidome it was all about the kids as the youth performance classes were in full swing.

Here again, the variety and high level of quality of horses and riders are beyond impressive. These young horsemen are polished and poised. Yet they are not so jaded that they don't get a thrill from a great ride with their BFF. Seeing their smiling faces, beaming with pride and accomplishment should make any parent want to go buy their child an Arabian horse – they are so much more fun than any play station or computer – and they love you back.

Saturday afternoon in the Aljassimya International Arena was standing room only to watch the international classes for fillies and mares. The spectators here wee a very global group with people visiting from Australia, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, France, Poland, Italy, and of course Belgium. Breeders from south America were among the crowd as well. The consensus among many of those watching, is that the quality of horses this year is higher than ever. And today, Sunday, the classes for colts and stallions will bring forth some reigning international champions as well as future champions. I am looking forward to seeing as much of the action as possible – hope to see YOU ring side!


Thanks to the official show photographers, Howard Schatzberg/Rick Osteen Photography.
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