Simeon Stud Open Day - WAHO 2019


by Dana Russo
February 9th, 2019

Ruth and Peter Simon, with daughter Marion Richmond, started Simeon Stud in 1956 with just one mare, Fuewasa, who was purchased from the Australian Government Stud. Fuewasa’s great granddaughter Simeon Shirli (Dresden x Simeon Sharon) became world famous due to the amazing family she produced, with champions around the globe.

This family includes her direct progeny Simeon Sanegor (x Simeon Sa’ar), Simeon Shomer (x Simeon Sa’ar) and Simeon Asarte (x Imperial Madaar), and her grandget Simeon Sidrah, Champion Filly in the UAE amongst so many more. The stud only breeds straight Egyptian horses now, yet continue to find much pride in the Fuewasa family which still produces champions for their many owners to this day.

Simeon Stud purchased a small group of exceptional fillies in 1976, including two Aswan fillies from the Tersk Stud in the U.S.S.R who were kept in Europe and Damirah, a Hadban Enzahi daughter from Marbach Stud in Germany who was an Australian National Champion Mare and who had the honour of producing the first El Shaklan foal. This chestnut colt was named Simeon Sa’ar, and he became a National Champion Stallion in Australia and sire of significance, siring Simeon Sanegor amongst others.

Another of the fillies purchased in 1976 was the Straight Egyptian 27 Ibn Galal V, an almost perfect dark liver chestnut two year old mare with a flaxen mane. She was purchased from the picturesque Government stud in Babolna, Hungary. 27 Ibn Galal V was first seen harnessed to a heavy flatbed farm dray and had already raced…so she knew how to work. Eventually she became Australia’s first Australian National Champion Mare in 1982, as did her daughter, Simeon Sukari, and her grand daughters Simeon Salome and Simeon Sehavi. 

27 Ibn Galal V had three crosses to the EAO mare Yosreia, as do many of the mare families at Simeon Stud. Yosreia was the dam of Aswan, and is a keystone mare in our breeding program.

Our breeding program is made up of several mare families of which 27 Ibn Galal V is the largest, followed by the American imports Ramses Tinah and Raffaalaa respectively. These mare families have produced an enviable group of internationally known horses that have become keystone breeding horses themselves including US Triple Crown Winner Simeon Shai (Raadin Royal Star x Simeon Safanad), Simeon Sadik (Asfour x Simeon Safanad), Simeon Sharav (Asfour x Simeon Shuala), Simeon Shiraz (Asfour x Simeon Shuala) and Simeon Sochain (Asfour x Simeon Simona).

Complimentary to the mares have been three exceptional stallions Asfour, Anaza Bay Shahh and Imperial Madaar. Asfour offered outstanding movement and refined type including fine black skin and tippy ears. Anaza Bay Shahh gave body conformation with excellent hips, legs and feet alongside large, black eyes and dark skin pigment while Imperial Madaar added height, stretch and smoothness of body, while maintaining breed type.

Together with the mare families, these magnificent stallions gave the framework for the progeny that is now being produced at Simeon Stud. The characteristics so prized by dedicated breeders internationally are consistent within the breeding program today.