The Fantasia of Morocco 2022


by Staff
October 21st, 2022

In Morocco, an ancient tradition of horsemanship survives the test of time.

Thousands of visitors descend on the Moroccan coastal city of El Jadida each July to attend the largest equestrian show in the kingdom – a breathtaking horseback performance that combines synchronised riding with decorative guns. The competitive event is known as Tabourida, or La’ab Al-Baroud, “The Game of Powder”. The display mimics and pays tribute to military parades performed by Arab and Berber tribes since the 15th century. @salonduchevaldeljadida

It has become an integral display for many festivals across Morocco and has developed into a cultural tradition, surviving time and change and practiced today by hundreds of troupes – young and old, men and, recently, women. Famed French artist Eugene Delacroix popularised Tabourida on canvas in the 19th century, dubbing it “Fantasia”, and the name has stuck.

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by @hhphotographyanddesign

Thanks to @royalarabians for the photo sponsor of this years Salon du Cheval d’El Jadida. We have been thankful for the King of Morocco for his long term support of equestrian sports like the Arabian Breeders World Cup.