When Ronteza Was Retired

Ronteza was retired at the All-Arabian Summer Horse Show in Monterey, CA. It consistend of a reading of her impressive record, a blanket of roses, a special song called "Ronteza" written just for her, and her weanling colt, Bay Event, that was turned loose in the arena to find his place by his mother's side. It was covered by the Pismo Times newspaper. Here is an excerpt from the article, with Sheila aptly describing the process she and the champion mare went through to get ready for a class.

"I never work her up, or wake her up for a class. We simply walk around slowly and leisurely for about 20 minutes before she is due to go int the ring. Tehre are no practice spins or running stops to tune her up. As we walk along, I keep up a steady chatter of baby talk or what have you, pat her, tell her how great she is. At this point, she is rolling her eyes as if to accuse me of being the biggest liar or the biggest fool for ever getting either of us in this spot. Ronteza is not a horse to dance or prance, ever. I can always hear her heart pound before we start. Between her heart and mine, it is a pretty noisy affair at times." ‪#‎GreatMoments‬ ‪#‎Ronteza‬ ‪#‎SheilaVarian‬

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