Butler Farm Arabians

If there is a heaven on earth for the Arabian horse, it would be Butler Farms, a place where there is a passion and love for this unique breed.

Butler Farms is set on more than 450 acres of North Carolina plantation countryside, with vast rolling pastures and eight beautiful ponds. The facility is centered around a 66 stall barn, a 70 foot training hall (pictured right), and a state of the art reproduction center, all built in beautiful Georgian Colonial style of red brick set off by white pillars in order to serve the wishes of any Arabian horse or his owner.

 The entire barn is made brick and block, which keeps the barn cool during the warmer months of the summer and makes it, for the most part, fireproof and indestructible. Each stall has metal grid stall doors and grid windows on each side of the stall to allow for cross ventilation, which is very helpful in allowing good airflow through the barn and in reducing the incidence of respiratory disease brought on by poor ventilation. The offices are located in the center of the barn, with guest quarters and employee apartments located above the offices on the second floor.


Phone: 910-866-4000
Owner: CA & Frances Butler