It's TIME: Scottsdale 2016!


by Lisa Abraham
January 30th, 2016

 It's TIME: Scottsdale 2016!

By Lisa Abraham


The 2016 Annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, which will take place from February 11-21, is celebrating its 61st anniversary as one of our most important shows. Once again, the global Arabian horse community will gather in the beautiful state of Arizona (USA) to see the horses that will be setting the standards for the 2016 show stage, as this show will determine the tone for the entire season.

The city of Scottsdale will celebrate what is locally referred to as “the Arabian show” by demonstrating outstanding local support. Due to diligent and strategic planning, the Scottsdale Show has successfully created a model marketing program aimed at drawing in the local community—and the proof is in the numbers. Although our economy continues to drag and our registration numbers remain depressed, in Scottsdale, one would never know as attendance has been consistently high. In 2015, 2,332 horses competed to the thrill of over 320,000 spectators!

Although this preshow coverage is limited to the halter competition and its participants, halter is only a small part of the Scottsdale experience. Performance disciplines include all types of English and Western, driving, jumping, reining, cutting, trail and native costume with offerings for all ages and skill levels. In addition to the competition, there are numerous opportunities for shopping and eating.

Debbie Fuentes, the Registrar of the Arabian Horse Association (AHA), shared, “I always enjoy attending the Scottsdale Show. The Arabian Horse Association of Arizona (AHAA) generously provides us a space to have the AHA booth which allows us to meet with and assist our members. This year we are very excited to debut a new booth. Because the show attracts visitors from all over the world, it is a wonderful opportunity to visit with breeders and owners from both the United States and abroad. It is also a benefit that we are able to offer more personalized service to our members which can aid in answering questions and resolving any issues. We appreciate the Scottsdale staff and board as they do an amazing job. Not only do they provide us a wonderful place to work, but they have also created a show which is fun and entertaining for all.”
Military Appreciation Day

This year is special as a very significant recognition day has just been announced: Military Appreciation Day, which will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2016. On this day all  Veterans and their families are invited to enjoy the show free of charge. Taryl O’Shea, the Executive Director of AHAA, shared, “The introduction of Military Appreciation Day was well over due. The idea was sparked when we asked SSG Katie Ferencik of the U.S. Army to do a Dressage Freestyle Demonstration & Seminar at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. Katie Ferencik is a 15-year United States Army Combat Veteran with tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. Since she has been competing with her partner, half-Arabian ‘Horatio,’ we thought this would be a great way to honor our military personnel. In addition, we have organized numerous other activities to entertain and honor our military.” The Arabian community has embraced this addition with great warmth!

Military Appreciation Day Event Schedule:

9:00 am: Behind the Scenes Barn Tour for Military Personnel & their families

10:30–11:30 am: Meet an Arabian horse

12:00 (noon): Four Natural Aids for Training—a presentation by Robert Leary

1:00 pm Dressage Freestyle/Demonstration with SSG Katie Ferencik of the U.S. Army

2:00 pm Military Appreciation Presentation

3:00 pm Military Dog Demonstration with Neal Mestas



The Scottsdale Arabian Horse show is a serious media event. All of the major North American medias have elaborate booths arrangements set up with Wi-Fi for immediate facilitation of the news. Although not all of the European medias are able to attend, partnerships with American media allow comprehensive global coverage. The importance of being represented in Scottsdale is taken very seriously.

The Arabian Horse Times has been an important resource for news in our Arabian community since 1970. In 2010, Lara Ames purchased the publication. Since that time, through strategic marketing and solid representation, she has expanded its coverage and distribution. Most recently Lara has lead the magazine to an increased format and is now distributing internationally.

In regards to Scottsdale, Lara shared, “Not only is Scottsdale the kick off to the show season in North America, but it also represents the greatest eleven days in the Arabian business. It is the biggest marketing week of the year and there is a tremendous amount of promotion of the Arabian horse in this fabulous city. For the Arabian Horse Times, it is a particularly huge week as we will be represented by three issues. In an effort to encourage newcomers to attend, we also publish a Scottsdale guide, which we place in tourist attractions and local venues. Finally on Valentine's night, we will host the Readers’ Choice Awards which acknowledges the accomplishments of 2015 and benefits the Horseman's Distress Fund. Our investment in Scottsdale is significant as we consider it to be one of the most influential shows in North America.”



2015: Senior Stallion Championship



The Scottsdale All Arabian horse show is one of the most important competitions in the world. Not only do people attend from all over the planet, horses are flown in from various global destinations as well. Owners and trainers prepare their very best to compete here—and horses AND handlers are in top show shape. As a side note, ECAHO (European Conference of Arab Horse Organizations) validates the importance of a Scottsdale win as it considers the show a qualifier for some of its most important shows.

The primary Halter Classes offered by the Scottsdale Arabian Show are as follows:

~Scottsdale Arabian Classic Classes: These classes can have either three or five judges and will utilize the Scottsdale Show Scoring system (At the bottom of this editorial there is a link provided to explain this scoring system). Entries in these classes may also compete in the International Breeders Classic Division.

Judges for the Classic Females: Duane Esser (USA), John Rannenberg (USA) and Lisa Jo White (USA)

Judges for the Classic Males: Richard Petty (USA), Joe Polo (USA) and Shannon Armstrong (USA)

Judges for the ATH (Amateur To Handle), JTH (Junior To Handle) and HA-AA (Half Arab-Anglo Arab): Debby Cain (USA), Jack Thomas (USA) and Richard Wright (USA)


 2012: Scottsdale Signature Stallion Filly Championship~Breeders Club Classic: These classes are open to those horses who have been nominated into the Breeders Club program in utero. These classes will utilize three  judges and will be ranked using the Scottsdale Show Scoring system. These classes are not rated by either the USEF (United States Equestrian Federation) or by the AHA.

Judges: Debby Cain (USA), Jack Thomas (USA) and Richard Wright (USA)


~Egyptian Heritage Classes: These classes are open to those horses whose pedigrees are verifiably at least 50% of Egyptian Arabian decent through the third generation.

~Straight Egyptian Classes: These classes are offered to any horse whose pedigree is verifiably Straight Egyptian.

Both the Egyptian Heritage Classes and the Straight Egyptian Classes will be scored with the Scottsdale Show Scoring system and will utilize five judges.

~International Arabian Breeders Classic Classes: These classes are offered to create a division for “International Style Judging.” They will be judged by a panel of five and will use the point system as utilized by the Arabian Breeders World Cup Score Card. In this system, a score of 10-20 points will be awarded for the following categories: Type, Head, Neck & Shoulder, Body & Topline, Feet & Legs and Movement. In this point system, the high and low scores in each category will be eliminated. The Championships will be judged comparatively. Entries in these classes may also participate in the Scottsdale Arabian Classic Classes and the Scottsdale Signature Stallion (SSS) Classes.

Judges for Egyptian Heritage, Straight Egyptian and International Classes: Doug Dahmen (USA), Holger Ismer (GERMANY), Dr. Nelson Pinto Moreira (Brazil), Richard Petty (USA) and Marianne Tengstedt (DENMARK)


~Scottsdale Signature Stallion Futurity Classes: These classes are offered to those horses which have been nominated to the Scottsdale Signature Stallion (SSS) Futurity. This is a two-part program consisting of the Signature Stallion Service Auction and the Signature Stallion futurity/maturity classes. In order to participate in the Stallion Service Auction, the stallion must be nominated to the program. To compete in the Futurity/Maturity Classes, the horse must be sired by a nominated stallion and nominated to the program. To compete in the Futurity Auction Class, the horse must be the progeny resulting from a breeding purchased at the Signature Stallion Auction and nominated to the program. These classes will be ATH and will offer big payoffs for the winners. A panel of three judges will rank these classes comparatively.

Judges for the SSS Males: Duane Esser (USA), John Rannenberg (USA) and Lisa Jo White (USA)

Judges for the SSS Females: Richard Petty (USA), Joe Polo (USA) and Shannon Armstrong (USA)


2015: An impressive group  gathered at Michael Byatt's presentation


Michael Byatt of Michael Byatt Arabians (USA) shared, “Scottsdale in February is part of my life. I have been going since 1971 and it something that I look forward too. Not only  do I love the desert in February, but it’s also a special time to see the babies and all the other the horses we haven’t seen before. The show has a great, festive environment with lots of energy. It makes one feel good about being in the horse business because the Arizona Arabian Horse Association does so much to bring huge crowds to the show grounds. It’s just a really well done horse show that makes me feel optimistic about every day I am there.

“This year we are very excited for the return of Barzan Al Shahania (Stival X NW Siena Psyche). From that first entrance he made as a yearling with Greg Gallun, Barzan made such an impression on everybody. He was this colossal, gold, high flying, flaxen mane and tailed creature that captured everyone’s attention. Now that he’s five years old, it’s going to be really exciting for him to return to that arena and I think people will see what he was as a yearling, but in grown up fashion. In the International Classes we will be competing with Rasha Albidayer (Fa El Rasheem X A Special Versace), a really special filly who will compete in the two year old division; Lawrence El Gazal (Gazal Al Shaqab X Lara El Ludjin) and Marmarra (Gazal Al Shaqab X Cinderella WC). Lawrence is the right horse for that arena and he looks just perfect. He combines tons of masculinity, beauty and has a take charge attitude--so we’re thrilled to be leading him back into the ring. While Marmarra is a fun and inspiring horse to show and present.

“In the Classic Classes, in addition to Barzan, we’re going to show last year’s Reserve US National Champion Mare, Badiaa Al Shahania (Marwan Al Shaqab X Majalis);  RD Marciena (QR Marc X NW Sienna Psyche), who was the 2010 US National Champion Yearling Filly, a 2010 Arabian Br2012 SSS Auction Champion Joi El Jiuliusz with Philip Del Pozzoeeders World Cup Supreme Champion Yearling Filly and a 2012 US National Futurity Filly;  in the aged Mare Class, Marwan Cristalrca (Marwan Al Shaqab X Crysstell), a 2006 mare owned by Al Shahania (QATAR) who was the 2009 Brazilian Gold Champion and a US National Champion; and in the two year old division, Mozn Albidayer (S.M.A Magic One X Mattaharii), who is owned by Albidayer Stud (UAE).”

Dr. Philip Del Pozzo, of Enzo Worldwide LLC (USA), has demonstrated long term support the Scottsdale show and has done so with great success. Along with Brent Stone,  Philip not only participates in a partnership which owns Enzo, a stallion whose influence has stretched all over the world, but also, he and Brent are his breeders. In 2010, Phillip and Brent were the successful winners of the Jiuliusz De Wiec breeding in the SSS Auction. The result of that breeding produced Joi El Jiuliusz (X Enjoi E (Enzo)), who in 2012 won the SSS Auction Class earning them check for over $35,000. Then in a previous year, in another class, Philip took first place with Lady Chanel NQ while Brent earned second with Enagadda Davida E—both Enzo daughters!

Phillip shared, “I have many fond memories of Scottsdale, but my fondest memory has to be when Enzo competed for the Senior Stallion Championship in Wendell Arena.  It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning and I had my family with me. I will never forget the expression on my Mom and Dad’s faces when Enzo was announced as the unanimous Senior Champion Stallion—and I was overjoyed with tears.  It was my first big win at Scottsdale and I had always dreamed of breeding and showing a Scottsdale Champion Stallion. That day my dream came true!

“This year we are going to compete with three horses that we bred.  Although I’m very excited, I’m also very nervous as all three are new to the ring. Two yearling fillies and one three year old colt. The first yearling is a chestnut daughter of Enzo and out of a Padrons Psyche daughter—she is very Psyche and I will show her in the SSS Aucti2015: Michael Byatt's presentation: Enzoon Class. The second is a bay daughter of QR Marc out of an Enzo daughter named Angela E, to be shown by Keith Kritche. She will be presented in the International Yearling Filly Class and we feel she could be the best we have ever bred. The third is a three year old grey colt named Enotri EEA (Shanghai EA X Enjoi E (Enzo)), who we bred in partnership with Albert Sorraca  (SPAIN) of Equus Arabians. We feel he is exceptional in every way and will be shown by Michael Byatt in the International Class. All three are excellent representatives of our breeding program. We are now breeding our third generation and I feel we are producing some of the best horses in the Arabian industry today.”

A big highlight of attending the Scottsdale Arabian show is the many opportunities for offsite farm tours and horse presentations. Although this region of the country is home to many of our most prestigious horses, due to the high concentration of industry personal from both within the US and beyond that this show attracts, many farms and top training operations set up temporary satellite locations to take advantage of the traffic. So the parties are every day, often more than one in a day and they are over-the-top fun.

Philip continued, “Besides the competition, one of my favorite things about the Scottsdale show are the horse presentations either on the show grounds or at nearby farms where you get the chance to see and visit with a lot of horses—many of whom are famous.  It is also a perfect time to socialize with others in attendance, develop new friendships and also catch up with old friends from near and afar. 

“Last year (2015) was very special for us as it brought our early success with Enzo full circle. Since it was his first year at Michael Byatt Arabians, Michael wanted to bring Enzo back to Scottsdale so he could present him to his clients and fans, to which Brent and I agreed. As usual, Enzo put on a great show for his fans. But, the huge crowds that came out to see him were overwhelming—we didn’t expect that. It was also heartwarming that, afterwards, so many people wanted their photo taken with him.  Even Michael mentioned that he could hardly believe the amount of Enzo fans that took part in the photo taking session. I’ll never forget this.”



Although I also have numerous favorite memories from Scottsdale, one of my favorites has to be from several years ago when I was visiting a friend at the farm where trainer Les Sichini had horses stalled. I was visiting Santos Miserendino, an older gentleman who had a knack for buying nice horses. As an example, it was he who briefly owned AAS Elishahh when Luciana Fasano, of Fazenda Floresta, fell in love with him and furthered his career as both a Champion and an important sire. As we walked around the farm, casually chatting and peeking in at horses, Santos asked me, “Do you want to see my new mare?” To which I responded affirmatively. So Les went to her nearby stall, put a halter on her and brought her out. She was young, but already quite large, dappled grey, BEAUTIFUL—and she knew how to show herself. Santos, who was beaming, said, “She’s a KM Bugatti daughter…” At the time I may have been too stunned to respond, but I did ask, “What’s her name?” Santos responded, “Luximere Jizette”…!

In short, the 2016 Scottsdale Arabian Show will be eleven days packed full of special moments to be remembered forever. Maybe you will be the breeder of a 2016 Scottsdale Champion; or you will attend an elaborate, “fit for kings” presentation in which Champion after Champion is paraded out; or even, perhaps, you will be a lucky guest at an exclusive gathering with wine, lite hors d'oeuvres and a showing of someone’s “secret” horse, whose place in the history of great Arabians is just about to be made. All of this and more…IS SCOTTSDALE!


2012: Supreme Champion Aria Impresario and Jeff Sloan


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Lisa Abraham is an International Journalist and Photographer from the United States. Although she does free-lance for various media, her primary dedication is to as a Premier Contributor and Representative. She is also a breeder of Straight Egyptian Arabians.