Rose City Arabians

We are a boutique breeding and show ranch, dedicated to international quality. We are passionate about our fabulous mares, breeding, evolving and presenting the world’s finest Arabian horses to the most internationally accomplished breeders, trainers and enthusiasts.  

We entered the Arabian industry in 1990 with passion and a great admiration for the breed. After a short sabatical, we have jumped back into all of it. Today, Kim and I own and operate a boutique ranch (our 3rd in 27 years) and it has become a lifestyle that we love and love to share with family and friends. My wife fell in love with the idea of buying the best Arabian mares in the world as our new foundation. Mares that represent the beauty, motion, balance and temperment of this beautiful breed we believe to be the cornerstone. Our goal is to own, breed and show horses that repersent the top 1% in the world - that is why our focus is quality and not quanity.

We have created some wonderful friendships with people from all over the world that share this crazy adiction and admiration for the breed. That is probably the most rewarding part of this great business / lifestyle...except winning the roses of course...:)

We are creating a very entertaining boutique facility that will include the famous 'fainting goats' that play dead - love that! And our great people loving flying ranch  dog 'Texas Ranger'....guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Please feel welcome to contact us and schedule a stop by - we love to share it all.

Joe & Kim Orr

Phone: 3607986727
Owner: Joe & Kim Orr